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  1. Hey CollectiveS, I didn't get a notification so I totally missed your response - sorry about that! Thank you so much for sharing your findings, this is really useful stuff.
  2. Looks like yesterday's patch to GM has added laser range-finding to the commander's optics. Yay!
  3. This is specific to the Global Mobilization DLC. I already asked this on the Steam forums but didn't get a reply, nor can I find a answer here on the forums...so here goes. In the West German tanks without laser rangefinders, how do you determine range to a target using the commander/gunner optics? Is it even possible? The East German/Polish T-55 optics have the stadia marks for making range estimates. I can use those and manually range the gun (PGUP/PGDN) before firing. Those are great, I can work with them. The West German optics, however, just have a bunch of lines in the middle with no marks or notations. The commander's optics are exactly the same, only with an additional yellow box. Correct use of these optics, to my knowledge, is never explained in-game. Nothing in any of the mission briefings, nor in Arma's built-in field manual. Currently I'm just cheesing using the map contacts or just plain guessing - neither of which are immersive or fun. There has to be a better way of doing this.
  4. Mr Elusive


    Which side panel are you trying to adjust the sensor range on? If it's the left side panel, CTRL+[ If it's the right right panel, CTRL+] (This is assuming you are using the default controls)
  5. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    Not one that I'm aware of unfortunately. This is partly why I don't use NR6's built-in reinforcement modules and script my own AI respawning instead. Don't get me wrong, the NR6 reinforcement module does work, but it's unclear what the requirements to spawn reinforcements are. Aside from hopping into Zeus or spectator mode, perhaps try a script that enables markers for all friendlies on the map? This way friendlies show up immediately rather than when your character spots them. Quiksilver's Soldier Tracker script is very good and easily customizable. I think HAL is supposed to merge under-sized squads, but I've never actually seen it in action...or at least I never noticed it. To quote the original HAL manual:
  6. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    On the back of what Sixt said, you can also delay HAL's initialization by putting this in the init box of HAL Core module - change 15 to whatever time in seconds you want. Just beware that this method will delay all HAL commanders on the map. The actual startup delay field in the module itself appears to be broken, but this works. RydHQ_Wait = 15;
  7. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    Could you post a screenshot or the full text of the error?
  8. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    For anyone interested, I've made a quick reference guide on the RHQ modules. Might be useful for any newcomers and saves time sifting through the original HAL PDF manual. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2400483865
  9. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    You're welcome 🙂 Oh yes, I remember that overwhelming feeling all too well lol. It's not as terrifying as it looks. I can't remember if I already said this, but definitely check out the demo missions and read the original HAL PDF manual. I think there's a links to everything in the OP. Someone else posted a YouTube guide earlier in the thread, give that a watch to. I'm on the forums occasionally. If I'm not too busy I might be able to offer help here and there.
  10. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    You're supposed to move to the waypoint and look for enemies. Sometimes HAL's orders can be a bit...vague lol. If in doubt, check your task journal. That should tell you what to do. That's probably just ALICE, the ambient civilian system. HAL doesn't care about civilians to my knowledge. Also, depending on how often it's configured in the editor, you might have to wait longer for HAL to "update". Try lowering his cycle delay value in the Commander Settings module and see if he's more reactive or responsive. I usually keep it around 60 on smaller missions, but seldom lower than that to save on server load. Not really. Everything is done through the task system, so you'll get a notification on screen when you need to do something. The only time I really pay attention to the side chat is when I call for some kind of transport or fire support. Could you be more specific? Is there a particular part of HAL you're struggling with? I'm not an expert, but I'll offer help where I can.
  11. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    My apologies, I didn't realize you were using the script version. I've only used the mod version from the Steam Workshop so not sure if I can be of much help 😕 I believe S&D is the default attack/recon waypoint. I've had these orders as a chopper pilot instead of pickup requests. But, as I said before, that's usually because I've forgot to define the helicopter as a cargo vehicle in RHQ array, or something to that effect. Can you upload your mission to FileBin or somewhere? I'll take a look at it if I get some free time.
  12. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    That's strange. Is HAL issuing transport orders to them? (i.e. anything in the side chat?) The only time I've seen that is when those vehicles haven't been designated cargo vehicles using RHQ modules.
  13. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    Yes. The manual documents some interesting variables you can adjust. It also does a better job of explaining what each of the RHQ modules do and how they work -- this is essential knowledge for custom (non-vanilla) units. That said, the sample missions explain the majority of features very well. I started off just by seeing how things were done in those, then went from there.
  14. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    I use it with 2 headless clients and it works great. Haven't tested both HC and ZBE Cache enabled though. For what it's worth, I use the script from Werthles' Headless Kit. There's probably other ways to implement HCs, but I personally found this method the easiest. Your mileage may vary of course 😉
  15. Mr Elusive

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    Have you checked out the demo missions? They have annotated markers explaining each module. Air Reinforcement modules are better explained in this post. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Uho5dX3KR2DKd8DJ_oY3iu9MJEg_cj1/view?usp=drive_open https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EJC48ee-3MbBCfR_5YnCC7neiYVV_xTF/view?usp=drive_open Pages 33-36 of the original HAL manual will help you use the correct RHQ modules for custom units. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0u5f8tm6hlp2qwi/HAL 1.22.pdf?dl=0 A good trick is to open the VR map, make all you asset compiler / RHQ module presets, then save them as compositions. You can then just drag-and-drop them onto maps without having to set everything up again.