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  1. The livers server is being opened I'm not using the existing Virtual Arsenal, but I'm using it as_arsenal_fnc_openBox; I'm using it. But there is a problem. ace_arsenal_fnc_openBox; A whitelist.SQF or blacklist.SQF file is required when using the command https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/arsenal-framework.html#60-eventhandlers I touch the script incorrectly. I'm not sure if I look at the site above here. Make it with .SQF, not the Init command in the box. I need help
  2. Hello. sir. I would like to be allowed to use your addon as a collection of packs for my arma personal server only a non commercial free enemy. and i use alot of addons so i want be useful oversight the package piz permit for me?
  3. Kimnero

    Pook ARTY Pack

    여보세요. 경. 나는 당신의 애드온을 내 arma 개인용 서버를위한 팩 모음으로 비상업적 인 무료 적으로 만 사용할 수있게하고 싶습니다. 그리고 내가 addons을 많이 사용하므로 패키지를 유용하게 감시하고 싶다. 피즈 나 허가?