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  1. Thanks so much, I did what you said and it works ๐Ÿ˜„ Didnt put anything for it into description, and just used the code in InitPlayerLocal and onPlayerKilled. Then selected "resapwn on custom position" and checked "Select Respawn Loadout" and "Select Respawn Position" Thanks again that was the last little QOL thing I needed in my mission ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Hey guys really sorry to post on such an old thread, but i cant get Larrows solution on post 3 to work anymore. Had this thread on my faves for years and always used this method, took a break from arma and now either it dosent work or im messing something up (more likely). I did try just a blank map with description and initPlayerLocal, but i get errors and it doses not show the respawn menu, instead shows the map, with my guy in the corner, then moves me to spawn point with a random VA loadout ๐Ÿ˜ž Any ideas?
  3. I just want that LVR script to respawn the thing 2m up in the air, using the fnc_whateverinit that you can create with it ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Hey guys im using LVR and I cant figure out how to do this This works in the vehicles init this setPosATL (this modelToWorld[0,0,2]); I just assumed, like with most of the commands iv used, I would just add the _ to get this for lvr init _this setPosATL (this modelToWorld[0,0,2]); But I get an error undefined variable in expression field. Also tried a couple of other ways to set height to no avail. Anyone know how to do it?
  5. The addaction for the deploy is not an issue that works perfectly Im just using it as an example of something that does work. I think the problem is only the format of the height command for lvr to recognise it. I don't understand what this means exactly but its been described to me before that "the lvr function creates variables that are passed to the lvr script" maybe that helps? Just incase though... openMap true; onMapSingleClick { onMapSingleClick {}; b1 setPos [ _pos select 0 , _pos select 1 , 8 ]; [b1, 0] remoteExecCall ["removeAction", 0]; openMap false; true }; EDIT Actually I just noticed im using setpos differently there than im trying to in the lvr function. Maybe I should try that version of setpos instead?
  6. That addaction one works perfectly with lvr as I described it. Many others work just by adding the underscore, im not skilled enough at this to know half of what your talking about lol. (I fix cars all day long, coding warps my brain) I know that lvr remembers the location, direction and name of a vehicle then respawns it when destroyed or abandoned. If you want you can create a function in one of the lvr folders and recreate the vehicles init, so when it respawns if you have say a flag on it its still there. The flag code that works in the init of a vehicle is another one that works with just an underscore inside that lvr function. So this works.. vehicle init this addAction ["<t color='#2E64FE'>Deploy Vehicle</t>", "Deployb1.sqf", [],1,true,true,"","_this distance _target < 5"]; this forceFlagTexture "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_NATO_CO.paa"; LVR function _this addAction ["<t color='#2E64FE'>Deploy Vehicle</t>", "Deployb1.sqf", [],1,true,true,"","_this distance _target < 5"]; _this forceFlagTexture "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_NATO_CO.paa"; Thing starts and respawns with a flag and action ๐Ÿ‘Œ But height only works in the vehicle init, when it respawns the lvr function throws an error about "undefined veriable in expression field" All the code is at the top of the lvr post I believe, I haven't altered anything just using it normally as author describes ๐Ÿ™‚ PS im sorry im useless at this, id use the normal editor module if it didn't loose track of stuff and blow stuff up ๐Ÿ˜ž
  7. Hi I changed topic title to clarify, this is LVR (light vehicle respawn) It respawns vehicles and lets you set up the inits for them with functions, at least I think they are functions lol Im trying to make the function set height, but where something like this this works fine just adding the underscore this addAction ["<t color='#2E64FE'>Deploy Vehicle</t>", "Deployb1.sqf", [],1,true,true,"","_this distance _target < 5"]; to get this for the lvr function _this addAction ["<t color='#2E64FE'>Deploy Vehicle</t>", "Deployb1.sqf", [],1,true,true,"","_this distance _target < 5"]; The height one dosent work the same way for some reason ๐Ÿ˜ž
  8. Hi I need to put a boat in a boat rack via script Boat is B1, boat rack is BR1, so I tried B1 moveInCargo BR1; But that dosent work and im not aware of other commands that might do it. Any ideas?
  9. Cheers, il have a look. Tbh im starting to think if I can just use setpos to set them a couple feet above the racks and let them just fall onto them instead of having them actually on the rack. At least that way a transport heli could pick it up right away without them having to unload it first ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Thanks for the reply, iv had a look and that setvehiclecargo seems to be the right one, but im having trouble getting it to work. I just tried B1 setvehiclecargo BR1; That says "Init: Type bool, expected nothing" So I swapped them round because its using the cargo vehicle first in the examples and tried BR1 setvehiclecargo B1; Same message The example looks like this _success = blackfish setVehicleCargo offroad; //true but I don't understand why its got the _sucsess bit at the beginning or the //true at the end, if im right // is just commenting stuff out right? So is it because im not putting _success and what is that doing? why does it need to be there? PS if its any help what im trying to achieve is putting the boats into the racks from the init at mission start, then using that for LVR custom inits to move it back into the rack when it respawns ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Not sure what section this would fall under.... Whitelist for spawn AI module
  12. Hey guys, so I stuck this in my description.ext Copy paste from the wiki page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Mission_Parameters class Params { #define DAYTIMEHOUR_DEFAULT 14 #include "\a3\functions_f\Params\paramDaytimeHour.hpp" #define WEATHER_DEFAULT 40 #include "\a3\functions_f\Params\paramWeather.hpp" #define TIMEACCELERATION_DEFAULT 1 #include "\a3\Functions_F_MP_Mark\Params\paramTimeAcceleration.hpp" #define VIEW_DISTANCE_MIN 500 #define VIEW_DISTANCE_MAX 3000 #define VIEW_DISTANCE_DEFAULT 1000 #include "\a3\Functions_F_Heli\Params\paramViewDistance.hpp" }; Now when I start the mission in the editor all is well. I can select all the params, change them etc, all works. But if I export the mission, then go from main menu Multiplayer>Server Browser it crashes to desktop with an error that it cant find "\a3\functions_f\Params\paramDaytimeHour.hpp" Is this something I need to include in my mission folder? I thought it was a default thing, all my lines above were just copy pasted from the wiki, and it worked in the editor just fine ๐Ÿ˜ž
  13. Just tried leaving it unpacked and it works, I did see that and thought maybe the export procedure sorted it out, but I guess it dosent do anything special. Oh well I guess il just leave these ones unpacked, that dosent cause any issues does it? I had another look and I don't know if il be able to do that manual way at the top of the page, bit complicated for me lol
  14. Cleaned it out of everywhere (except my original in player profile) but same result when I export it. The server browser crashes the game, then when I delete it from MPmissions works again. Im thinking its got to be something wrong with my description.ext this is the entire thing... class CfgFunctions { #include "LVR\functions\functions.hpp" }; class Params { #define DAYTIMEHOUR_DEFAULT 14 #include "\a3\functions_f\Params\paramDaytimeHour.hpp" #define WEATHER_DEFAULT 40 #include "\a3\functions_f\Params\paramWeather.hpp" #define TIMEACCELERATION_DEFAULT 1 #include "\a3\Functions_F_MP_Mark\Params\paramTimeAcceleration.hpp" #define VIEW_DISTANCE_MIN 500 #define VIEW_DISTANCE_MAX 3000 #define VIEW_DISTANCE_DEFAULT 1000 #include "\a3\Functions_F_Heli\Params\paramViewDistance.hpp" }; respawnOnStart = 0; disabledAI = 1; corpseManagerMode = 1; corpseLimit = 10; corpseRemovalMinTime = 10; corpseRemovalMaxTime = 120; overviewPicture = "pic1.jpg";
  15. I could try but if it threw the error once and I don't change anything then wont it just do it again? I mean my server browser is working fine now, just not when that mission is present. Il have a look in the other folders and try exporting again now ๐Ÿ™‚
  16. Hi thanks for the reply but I can fix it by deleting the mission, that's not really a problem, Its getting it to actually work right when it is in there I need help with ๐Ÿ™‚
  17. Hi, iv just discovered layers today and man i wish i had a lot earlier. They do exaclty what i had been doing manually with long scripts. Iv been using the Show / Hide module and triggers in my tests, but that wont quite work how i want it to for the mission, and id rather do it in a script. I think i need a line for the init to hide 7 layers, then the line for the script that shows the next one, and hides the last one. Hopefully this will make my mission performance a lot better, simply hiding all the layers except the first gained me 10fps because i wasnt hiding the props before that :) PS i found this but not quite sure how to use it. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/set3DENLayer
  18. Hi, been making a jets mission and iv run into a problem. I was using enableSimulation and hideObject to un freeze waves of jets. This was done with an addaction on a laptop that runs a script. The problem is that the jets weren't moving on connected players computers. Someone suggested I use enableSimulationGlobal and hideObjectGlobal. That solved it a little bit, when I push the button it works but when they push the button it still dosent. I remembered having this problem with skipTime on an older mission and someone helped me out with that using remoteExec. That command looks like this.... [1] remoteExec ["skipTime", 0]; That works fine across all computers, so I tried to apply that to my enableSimulation stuff but yeah, cant make it work. I throws no errors but dosent actually un freeze the planes. So far iv tried it like this... [true] remoteexec ["p1 enablesimulation", 0]; [] remoteexec ["p1 enablesimulation true", 0]; What am I doing wrong here? Any help much appreciated
  19. KarmaT UK

    Help with remoteExec

    Just dropping a big thanks to both of you, this all worked great and I feel like I understand remoteexeccall now ๐Ÿ™‚
  20. KarmaT UK

    Help with remoteExec

    Thanks, yeah lt1 is a laptop so I think that bits ok. An yeah I figured out that it cant use the same number for extra tasks later. If im reading this bit right from the wiki -2 should do all computers but not the server... "When number is negative, the effect is inverted. -2 means execute on every client but not the server." So would that make it... [lt1, 1] remoteExecCall ["removeAction", -2]
  21. KarmaT UK

    Help with remoteExec

    Thanks so much, Im terrible at scripting myself, so I end up needing a lot of help with stuff I cant just set up in the editor. Im trying to learn though. If I could ask you something else..... Im also removing an action from the laptop as you start each wave. That didn't work either (only removed for whoever pushed it) with just lt1 removeaction 1; So would that become [lt1, 1] remoteExecCall ["removeAction", 2] Or does that one need all connected computers with a 0 at the end?