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  1. Thanks to all of you for your kind suggestions. I honestly did appreciate the direction given.
  2. Thanks, @.kju. I will ask there. However, I wonder if my questions regarding there being any benefits for a single player to setup his own LAN server, for vanilla or modded ARMA 3, might be best answered here? Not trying to be pushy, but if I ask a server question elsewhere, I would not be particularly surprised to be referred to one of the server threads.
  3. Firstly, my apologies for posting here. I have researched several forums and need some insight on how to proceed. Not quite a new player in ARMA 3. I am a practicing physician, so due to my schedule mostly enjoy Single Player Missions (Ravage based). Unfortunately with Ravage, the game performance becomes laggy as more items are discovered in the game play. After three days in game, game load times increase up to several minutes, with game-play stuttering. If I offload the game to a separate dedicated server on my LAN network, do anyone believe it would help? What are the additional benefits of having a dedicated server, if any, for a single player mission? My most sincere thanks for opinions and suggestions.