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  1. Can you post what is in your log? I'll have a go at fixing it if i can
  2. I was also getting these sorts of errors: 0:57:40 Error in expression <& alive _x) then { _totalSuppression = (_totalSuppression + getSuppression _x); > 0:57:40 Error position: <_totalSuppression + getSuppression _x); > 0:57:40 Error Undefined variable in expression: _totalsuppression 0:57:40 File Vcom\Functions\VCM_Functions\suppression\fn_GroupGetSuppression.sqf [VCM_fnc_GroupGetSuppression], line 22 but I edited fn_GroupGetSuppression.sqf with the following: private _group = _this; private _units = units _group; private _rtrn = 0; private _totalSuppression = 0; private _unitsSuppression = 0; //added this { if (!isNull _x && alive _x) then { _unitsSuppression = getSuppression _x; // added this _totalSuppression = _totalSuppression + _unitsSuppression; // was _totalSuppression = (_totalSuppression + getSuppression _x); }; } forEach _units; //Set suppression to 0 if value is nil if (isNil "_totalSuppression") then {_totalSuppression = 0}; _rtrn = _totalSuppression / ({!isNull _x && alive _x} count _units); _rtrn No longer seeing the errors - does that still achieve what was meant for this function?
  3. I was getting this with latest: [EDIT: latest VCOM Script Version which downloads as VCOM 3.2.2 but it was supposed to be 3.3.0?] 9:49:21 Error in expression <en { _situation = "FLANKING"; }; [_grp, _flanking] call VCM_fnc_SetSituation; > 9:49:21 Error position: <_flanking] call VCM_fnc_SetSituation; > 9:49:21 Error Undefined variable in expression: _flanking 9:49:21 File Vcom\Functions\VCM_Functions\garrison\fn_UnGarrisonL.sqf [VCM_fnc_UnGarrisonL], line 21 I changed the file fn_UnGarrisonL.sqf to this: private _grp = _this; private _situation = "READY"; if (count waypoints _grp > 1) then { _situation = "FLANKING"; }; [_grp, _situation] call VCM_fnc_SetSituation; // was [_grp, _flanking] call VCM_fnc_SetSituation; { _x enableAI "PATH"; } forEach units _grp; if VCM_DEBUG then {systemChat format ["VCOM: %1 UN-L-GARRISONING BUILDING", _grp]}; Changing the [_grp, _flanking] to [_grp, _situation] seemed to fix the issue
  4. I'll give it a go and let you know how it works out - thanks @Freddo3000 😀
  5. @Freddo3000 thanks for that! .... Not many of the things in the AISettingsV4.hpp appear in the VCOMAI_DefaultSettings.sqf so a merger should do the trick?
  6. @Freddo3000 if I don't have -filepatching and still wanted the AISettingsV4 included on the script version of VCOMAI, would something like this added into VCOMAI\functions\VCOMAI_DefaultSettings.sqf work? VCOMAI_Func = { #include "userconfig\VCOM_AI\AISettingsV4.hpp" // <--- add this for user config no filepatch? //Enable or disable the INGAME setting menu. This is off by default due to compatability issues with multiple mods and scripts. And I am tired of hearing people complain all the time :D VCOM_AIINGAMEMENU = false; //Variable for enabling/disabling skill changes for AI. True is on, False is off. VCOM_AISkillEnabled = true; .... etc #EDIT: or if that concept works, add the #include at the bottom? Thanks a ton in advance! - Explodie