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  1. I got a BTR from a custom mod. It has the same 'gunnerOpticsModel' as the vanilla 'Marid' but it doesnt show the bearing. What do I have to change to make the bearing visible for my custom vehicle? Here is how it looks from the custom vehicle: https://imgur.com/a/606cnY2 config.cpp: And here is how I need it to look like: https://imgur.com/a/026bpR3 config.cpp:
  2. I typed this into 'init' of a vehicle in editor: c1 addAction [ "Turn music on" , { c1 say3D [ "3Dsound", 50, 1]; } ]; I hear the played sound but I need it to be activated only by a gunner or a driver of the vehicle. With the script I currently have, it is possible to activate it from the outside 10+ meters away which I don't need. Also cannot figure now how to addAction to stop the sound.
  3. Would like to know how to make a script making this possible: Once I'm inside a vehicle I have an action choosing of which starts playing a custom sound so players outside and inside the vehicle could hear it . Also need an action that stops playing this sound Basically, I need to make the same thing like this guy did with siren but with different vehicle and sound: I tried to download his mod to try to look at the script but the link is expired
  4. I know that this helps, but system gives bigger priority for programs when it's in fullscreen mode
  5. I usually use Alt+Tab in Arma 3. Sometimes game doesn't stop responding even after 100 times of Alt+Tab and sometimes it stops at the first time. This annoying and disturb to play. Help me 😞