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  1. A workaround i found is attaching an invisible object to player and using say3d to project sound from object then when task is completed or i want sound to end i just deletevehicle the object Not perfect but simple which is what I always try to go for
  2. Lebiglebowskii

    keeping water out

    What does this apply to?
  3. So excited
  4. Lebiglebowskii

    Can I repeat a unitCapture?

    Edit: it was rec = [] spawn ht1; Lex its a basic unit_capture... the script is one giant paste of numbers lol
  5. Lebiglebowskii

    Can I repeat a unitCapture?

    Your vid for that mission is hilarious lmao love the dancing, that I havent seen! What I was trying to do was create a point on a lake or on the beach shore where somebody could take a boat ride from one island to the other and then use it to go back as well over and over without ever actually being allowed to drive the boat i do not trust AI for specific tasks plus the realism of the boat always being there no matter what instead of disappearing into a fog with some hideObject action makes me happy. And with ARMA nothing is done the way its supposed to be
  6. Lebiglebowskii

    Can I repeat a unitCapture?

    Im so sorry this was my first post and I had no idea ai’ve taken the time now to familiarize myself
  7. Put this in a trigger Condition: _unitname inArea thisTrigger on activation: //whatever your heart desires
  8. Lebiglebowskii

    Can I repeat a unitCapture?

    So EDIT: While below still works I’ve discovered just using [unit_name] execVM “filename.sqf”; gives me unlimited access to the call ——————Original shenanigans ——————- *** Omgggg I FOUND THE CRAZIEST WORKAROUND So if original file is wp1.sqf i just make a copy file, call it wp11.sqf and change path name in the sqf Example: Wp2.sqf// wp2=[recorded data]; [car2, wp2] spawn BIS_fnc_Unitplay; wp2.2.sqf// wp22=[same exact recorded data]; [car2, wp22] spawn BIS_fnc_Unitplay; Next Compile preprocess ONLY wp1.sqf for both wp1 and wp11 Ex: wp1 = compile preprocessfile "wp1.sqf" wp11 = compile preprocessfile "wp1.sqf" then ingame on radio trigger REFERENCE "wp11" and it lets me repeat via radio call This is pigeon theory at its finest... I still cant believe it Lol Idk how It works but im so happy....
  9. Lebiglebowskii

    How to use UnitCapture in Arma 3.

    How do I set this up?
  10. So I made a unitcapture where a boat does a clean pickup/dropoff between a land and water base but it only plays it once and then says generic error when i try to repeat it. QUESTION: Is there a way to repeat the action every time i set off the trigger? Thx
  11. Lebiglebowskii

    Teleporting via user action (SOLVED)

    So dude my janky basic workaround, place this in your players init (which upsets me because i would rather use my radio but dont know how to so i do this): Where the words are capitalized you can customize with your personalized variable names this addAction ["WHATEVER you want the command to say",{YOUR player's variable name setPos (getPos THE variable name of the flag or object or vehicle)}] My example: this addAction ["Transport Prisoner",{me1 setPos (getPos prsn1)}] I used it so only i can exit and enter a cell holding a prisoner This can be applied into the inits of any two objects and/or any trigger to one-way teleport between Obvs u can stack to go back n forth, dont forget ur ;'s I made an infostand where i make prisoners "sign in" to get put in a specified cell, tricked my dad into signing himself into a cell lolol
  12. Lebiglebowskii

    Teleporting via user action (SOLVED)