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  1. Who We Are The UNAF is a new and growing unit based around the idea of "What If in the 2030s the UN was actually given the power it needs to do its job." This version of the UN has become a hyper-militarized world superpower that is hellbent on "Peacekeeping" through force in a similar way to how the USA worked in the Middle East. This version of the UN has aircraft carriers, drones, tanks, modern firearms, and modern vehicles. Our Ops Ops take place Saturdays 2100 CST/500 UTC. We do everything ranging from the UN SWAT to fighting WW3 to playing as the GOC in the SCP universe How to Join Just join our Discord and after playing with us for 2 ops you will become a member
  2. Parval

    Game randomly crashes

    Not long after posting this I played for a decent amount of time after getting a new cpu and it never happened
  3. Every once and a while and whether I'm in singleplayer or multiplayer the graphics become potato like and the fps drops to 3. After a minute or so of this the game crashes, please help.