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  1. I would prefer AI than zombies but I like the idea maybe kind of like tarkovs skavs and if the crate drops they have a lot of them heavily armed guarding it but obviously they would need to be slightly tankier than regular players if you were able to loot them but maybe even gear earned from PVE can only be taken into PVE like 2 separate game modes PVP or PVE with diff shelters and progression for each but love this idea dude.
  2. Maccarino

    ADS Leaning

    So maybe when you enter ADS mode there could be a lean added on the right and left bumpers as when you are aiming down sight they have very little use and leaning could come in handy not sure if this is already in the works maybe adding the bayonet as a weapon attatchment too for countering knife attacks also this is unless the gun butt is doing the same damage as a knife but still a bayonet would look cool either way even for cosmetic purposes
  3. Noticing a lot of people seem to forget this game is currently in Preview SMH... I for one am enjoying the latest patch and loving the fact you guys actually listen and care for what the community say thanks for all the hard work you are putting in truly epic dev team ! PS. If people complaining had actually paid attention to anything the devs said since release you would have knew a wipe was coming rather than setting yourselves up for disappointment..