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    Broken shooting

    Agreed and this cheese with the knife meta of running up to someone who's putting rounds into your chest needs work as well up close there's essentially no hitbox and it's an exploit that players are using with the knife melee. Hopefully it's not just be experiencing this nonsense.
  2. Geezus

    Friends joining lobby

    This should be punished as teaming up is obviously cheating I cant tell you how many times I've run into groups when it's supposed to be a solo game but you can't report since no gamertag. It's disgusting and I think this needs to be addressed ASAP
  3. Geezus

    Minor bugs

    On top of the issues with the ammo glitching before jumping into a match I seem to have my sensitivity reset every time I startup the which messes up my aiming in game once I start. The looting windows are way to narrow it seems you have to be in a precise spot and I see that's mentioned in earlier posts. Outside of that basic stuff like hit boxes and hit registration. Overall love the game though and despite these issues I can still loot and kill most players I encounter. Game is a ton of fun cant wait for this to take off I know it'll crush twitch and other gaming media once peoole jump in and play it. First time experiencing one of your creations.