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    playing solo

    Hi I am what a lot of gamers call a older lady or a granny lol. I love playing Xbox games solo like fallout 4, tomb raider etc, so I can take my time and look for things & build things . I have just bought the preview for Vigor but what I don't like is that some people on games only want to kill each other I know that is part of the game and I hope when the full game is out that people who do play solo don't keep getting killed by teams of players. the game could do with more resources also animals which we could hunt to make things extra items so please anyone on the game please don't kill me Im old lol
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    playing solo

    Thanks a lot for your kind words
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    I love this game. Some things to improve.

    I love the idea of surrendering instead of just been killed all of the time as I only like to play solo as I am a older lady I cant stand the noise coming down the headphones from other players when you are in a team .So if I could surrender and keep some of my items that would be great