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    I do apologize if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find what I was looking searching the thread. I have made a MP mission, and enabled MP Persistence and I'm having a bit of an issue with it. Now it works perfectly, all of the loot is saved on the player but, it only saves after the player respawns. I have a semi-custom spawn system, but in it's core it is using BASE respawn with empty system markers, and then I build up upon it. It works like a charm, and as soon as the player dies/respawns, it makes a save for him, but until then after a player joins, until he dies/respawns for the first time there is no save. I really would not like to force a respawn on start, as people would have to wait the respawn delay... So my question is: Is there a way of manually calling the Ravage MP Persistence saving?
  2. SteelShot

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    Very nice mod, sad that a mission script version can't be done, but one more extra dependency should not hurt.. However I have found an Issue, when switching a mod weapon from the 2nd slot, instead of taking the weapon into hand the handgun is being pulled out. This does not affect vanilla weapons tho. Also experiencing the same issue as discororo described and it affects all of the weapons.
  3. Works perfectly, thanks @gc8 For the curious people
  4. So basically, I am writing my own loot script. It works completely fine, I just have now to populate the loot arrays. I am trying to make this 100% customizable, so every different item type has a different spawn chance. For basic things like Primaries, Handguns or Launchers is simple ie. _launchers = "getnumber (_x >> 'type') isEqualTo 4 AND getnumber (_x >> 'scope') isEqualTo 2" configClasses (configfile >> 'CfgWeapons'); But all items like for example uniform, vest or backpack share the same type 131072 But I would like to filter them out by their ItemInfo, because for example a Vest has ItemInfo >> Type = 701. So I was thinking of doing something like this, but it does not work :/ _vests = "getnumber (_x >> ItemInfo >> 'type') isEqualTo 701 AND getnumber (_x >> 'scope') isEqualTo 2" configClasses (configfile >> 'CfgWeapons'); Any help would be really appreciated, Thanks.
  5. After many hours spent on this issue, I have finally found the perfect-ish solution. Also @Asmodeuz, thats for the help, even tho it was not the solution.. onPlayerKilled.sqf //Get event params params ["_oldUnit", "_killer", "_respawn", "_respawnDelay"]; //If a player had a map before death, we keep it, otherwise give temp map if (!("ItemMap" in assignedItems _oldUnit)) then { waitUntil { if (isNull _oldUnit) exitWith {true}; sleep 1; visibleMap }; if(!isNull _oldUnit) then { _oldUnit linkItem "ItemMap"; waitUntil { if (isNull _oldUnit) exitWith {true}; sleep 1; not visibleMap }; if(!isNull _oldUnit) then { _oldUnit unlinkItem "ItemMap"; }; }; }; /* Problem 1: This allows players to loot the "free" map until player respawns Solution 1: Need to make the map unlootable. */
  6. This exactly what I am using but, once the player dies and does not have the map, the respawn screen does show the respawn options but the map is invisible. If I die with a map everything is fine, but without one = no map visibility during respawn screen
  7. I'm new to Arma III, scenario editing and scripting, it's not too hard, but I've hit a stone. I've searched the forum, but couldn't find anything related. I am trying to add the functionally during the Arma's respawn screen to be able to view the map regardles of having it or not before dying. I have tried to give a player the map and assign it on his death but to no avail it does not work, or at least i'm doing it wrong. Currently all of my respawn control is done via the editor. The first joiners are fine as their loadouts are just the map, so upon joining they do see the map, but then after next death, I cannot guarantee that they will have it, and it being a Survival scenario, I don't want them to get the map on respawn, a compass is enough. Any help would be really appreciated. PS. I am using Ravage.