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  1. red78phoenix

    Streamers Channel Index

    i play console mainly for shooters but when i roll on pc shooters like cod yeah longtime users of mouse and keyboard will wipe the floor with me as the controller sensitvity nowhere compares to mouse settings
  2. red78phoenix

    Carry Extra Weapons In Back Pack

    i could see this sort of like in dayz or tarkov. i usually travel light when going in maybe one weapon most of the time. helps with this issue for now
  3. red78phoenix

    The game itself

    this is valid concerns and suggestions i feel your pain on drops. i tried to go ninja no weapons a couple times and get drop only to learn of the crazy wait time to loot i had it everytime if not for the wait. if it hits ground i understand a 2-3 sec wait but nope you can cook a meal waiting then your screwed
  4. red78phoenix

    Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    yes sir!
  5. red78phoenix

    Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    that would be sweet i have on pc but would like to see how it playes on console
  6. red78phoenix

    Players disappearing when far away - Fjellkanten

    not much an issue i dont think since console processing power and keep fps up. i think we are stuck with that for now at least unless high powered scopes are added. and in todays gaming world 60 fps is expected so with great detail and sounds you have to set limits or you fall below this mark.
  7. red78phoenix

    Game handling

    kills not a problem but coming from playing games with extremely refined gunplay this game is light years away. i mean granted this is survival not br or cod style game. the gunplay should be alot better dayz suffers from same issues i thought bohemia could be past this but like anything its a work in progress they will make changes and some will be happy and others will scream they broke it. cannot please everyone. but either way we will survive and rock what works till they break it then we will figure out a new way like any game adapt and overcome!
  8. red78phoenix

    Running speed depends on weapons

    just zig and zag hit detection right now so bad you can make him run out of ammo. but yeah it needs to be addressed down the road.
  9. red78phoenix

    Game handling

    shotgun is way to go or straight up knife fight. i tried adjusting settings it does take forever to turn while ADS and the hit detection is hit or miss but miss more than anything
  10. red78phoenix

    pre-purchase rewards

    have any rewards been given i have not seen any yet...
  11. red78phoenix

    What type of gun would you like to see in game?

    p90 would be nice and fit in the time frame
  12. red78phoenix


    yeah this is real issue i dont go for drops most of the time as it is usually teams i run up against. i just loot and get out. will be glad when we get a duo option. not sure maps big enough for much more on a team.
  13. red78phoenix

    Would you like to see a FP mode?

    i think it could be optional giving the player the choice and put players on same server. FOV would benefit 3rd person player. But with the quality of sound that bohemia gives in their games the player in FPS would have sound to hear anyone sneaking up on them unless your on fort map then its hard to hear.
  14. at this stage this game is a filler. it is really good shape for the future. content will come. honestly it has more content than some 60 dollar AAA titles. i buy games frequently as my collection is over 1000 on various platforms. i feel this 20 dollars well spent.
  15. red78phoenix

    Hard Crash

    i have never crashed and lost loot always keep it. but question has anyone ever tried reloading an empty weapon in shelter when you have inf. ammo then spawn in on a raid and have ammo still in your weapon? that happens to me 30% of the time maybe i should create a clip to demonstrate
  16. red78phoenix

    FJELLKANTEN hidden tunnel

    nice find the hunt is on challenge accepted community challenge? the hunt is on lets see what we can find
  17. red78phoenix

    August 1st Dev Stream

    i agree since official release not until feb 2019. we pay to be testers we get the good with the bad. just have to be creative if your streaming the game to keep your viewers interested on this journey :D
  18. red78phoenix

    Players disappearing when far away - Fjellkanten

    maybe the distance set on graphics rendering i have had it a couple times. i notice it more on pc games as some are more graphic heavy and devs set render distance.
  19. red78phoenix

    Execute with Knife

    i agree. i would like it to be a slashing style motion though would probably get rid of its clunkyness feel at times with its straight forward prison shank animation everytime
  20. red78phoenix

    Stamina Meter and Falling Damage

    yes there is fall damage died falling from mountain side. but it is very inconsistent was a short fall to death. but fallen much further without a scratch.
  21. red78phoenix

    Streamers Channel Index

    i think he was just referring to the fact someone used a keyboard and mouse to play. not sure if it gives a distinct advantage but.... keybrd/mouse vs. controller on pc a huge advantage. controller in shooter will lose fight everytime.
  22. red78phoenix


    Ks-23 shooting like a sniper. sniped a guy off mountain at long range wtf? can you say a rebalance needed
  23. red78phoenix


    not suggesting damage drop but a drastic range reduction unless the shotgun shooting slugs this things range and damage at said range is crazy. and its extremely accurate and has little to no bullet drop. but pretty sure it fires traditional shot gun rounds since it has a wide blast radius on targets. but gunplay in general needs alot of tweaking. and an unarmed combat option is needed as well but its what we all signed up for when we paid to play it during development. like dayz just needs some tweeking
  24. these are all great suggestions my primary wants are these he suggested and maybe open or rotate maps more than every 14 days this game will get old fast hard to stream and promote your game for 5-6 hours a day with 2 whole maps
  25. red78phoenix


    nah tested with a friend we joined at same time when i realized it had crazy range in firing range in stash house. it has crazy range and damage.