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    2 things need to happen, and the sooner the better!

    I dont say teaming is not an issue, but I have not run into any teams today. Just wanted to share my view. and @GimbleFIN_ I am pretty sure they said the player count got lowered a bit, for the starting phase.
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    Closed Preview Officially Ended

    Thank you. do you also know if twitch will re-add the vigor-section right in time? So people are able to stream it? I am hyped!
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    What type of gun would you like to see in game?

    i really would like to see really modern weapons, but this game is based in the 1990's thats already 30 years ago. we will see I guess
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    Release date time.

    I would like to know that too
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    anyone know what time this comes out tomorrow?

    I dont know, but I will probably check today at midnight and from then on every hour. :D
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    Streamers Channel Index

    I dont even get what you want. :D cheating on xbox? not possible as far as I know
  7. Hey everyone. I am Dino and want to present to you my first feedback after 25 hours in the game. I amnot native english, so I do my best to formulate it in the best way I can. Most of the bugs and glitches I noticed, already got adressed here, so I will only talk about what I think this game need over the long therm to keep me playing. First of all I felt in love with that game. it is a very unique and I would like to see it stay hardcore. Please dont try to please every casual. The whole concept of the game needs to be punishing, it needs to be unforgiving and yeah this will not turn every fortnite player to that game, but if you do it right than you will get a dedicated fanbase. this is what the xbox needs. besides all the gamebreaking mechanics right now, that probably get fixed in the near future I now suggest a few things that will keep players playing. 1. reduce the time you are able to sprint and at the same time up the sprint speed. ( sometimes I caught my self pressing sprint a couple times, to even figure out if I am sprinting currently or not) 2. The inventory system needs a rework. I really like that you can only carry 2 guns, but in 90% of the time I just collect anything until I see backpack is full. its pointless to check what you want to take and what you want to leave. the rounds are not long enough to decide if you rather pick a bandage or nails. The whole inventory system is way too simple for me. I dont say make it as complicated as escape from tarkov did, but a bit more depth to it in some sort of a way would be nice. I never care what I pick up except I am full and still want to get a supply drop. Maybe start with a way smaller backpack, so you actually look for stuff you have on your list and not blindly loot anything because at the end of the round you have one of each anyways 3. The rounds are not long enough. it feels really casual and 1 round means nothing because its over so fast. I would like to be the rounds 30% longer so maybe 20 minutes ish? 4. 1 raid means nothing. If you die you just get in another round. There is not really a gamechanging reason to take a round serious and really try to not die. You only loose a couple mats ( no wait u even GAIN meds). My solution would be, make a raid cost material. As soon as you hit a shelter level where you get some materials per hour, make a raid cost between 100 or 300 materials. ( from a telling perpective you need mats to even reach the island with your boat you land on) What that does, players actually think about if they really engage in a fight. This will add way more caution and thinking to each raid and would be a really good addition to the game I guess. 5. The shelter needs permanent care instead of just unlocking it once. I would really like that you have to constantly have to take care about your shelter. you constantly have to refill a couple fertilizer to your herbbox, to make it actually generate material. ( up the amount of general materials you get from your base at my current level 5 the amout is ridiculously low and not worth pressing x for it) 6. There will be microtransactions in this game, wich I am totally fine with, but please make everything achievable through grinding. ( maybe think about player trading like warframe) players tgrind hard, can somehow trade their goods to players who dont have the time. you could enable trading item, like 40 nails for 7 fertilizer ( players decide on their own) but players also can trade for the actual currency you buy for the microtransactions. So a player which has money but no time, can trade with someone which has time but no money. Take a look at warframe. people play this game for almost 5 years and still grinding the same mission, because they get rewarded with the microtransaction curreny from other players. This would add SO MUCH replayability to the game, and people would grind it for years and years. 7. Make gear and guns/consumables dont last forever. Gear needs to be repaired, if it got damaged ( talking about not implemented armor/ flashlight when used) Guns need to be repaired and maintained after using or they will automaticalley be deconstructed into materials. Consumables spoil after a specific amounts of hours/days. That would encourage players to constantly be on the hunt and on the next lookout for a raid. 8. PLEASE leave the damage multiplier on the head. I have not found the time yet to test every weapon, but I have the feeling almost every headshot kills instantly or at least does 90% damage. HEADSHOTS NEED TO BE REWARDING. Currently you never shoot someone, when you not absolutely sure you can kill him If you miss your first shot, than you loose the adcantage of the surprise. So............. 9................. please reward Precision/thinking/tactical aproachment and patience, when it comes to fighting/killing another player. I was chasing a guy for like 2 minutes until he finally stood still and I could get the burst with the suomi. I landed one headshot and a couple bodyshots. I NEVER felt more rewarded for being patient and tactical. 10. AMMUNITION NEEDS to be way more rare than it is right now. I already have thousands of bullets in my stash that I basicalley ( on shelter level 5 ) never have to worry about ammo anymore. AND what that does is: players dont think twice to engage in an encounter. they have their 100 bullets and dont even care about loosing them.they will most likely engage players more, to just kill them with no reason behind it. I gathered like 4 hours for 400 parabellum bullets, if I imagine grinding for hours for 100 bullets, the relation to these 100 bullets would be way deeper, and I would actually think twice if I really want to shoot them right now, just to get a fun fight, or if I want to save them for an encounter when I actually need them. So yeah make bullets way harder to get so players feel and remember the time they farmed for this magazine on every single shot. 11. up the body damage by like 30%. Right now the smartest way ( not the most fun) is to go into a raid with absolutely nothing and if you get shot you just run away. 90% I survive when I really just want to get away. What that does to my playstyle is I play 100% careless looting everything and as soon as I get shot, I run in the other direction to the exit ( like I said the smartest, but a very boring way to play) If 1 headshot or 4 bodyshots (propper balance up to the devs) kill you, you would not run around and wait until you get shot, you would be way more reserved and cautious in the first place. 12. There is currently no point to take guns with you like I said above if you get shot you just run away, most likely they will not get you. Pretty often you can get a gun and the right ammunition in one encounter. so yeah figuring out a way where players actually want to take guns in the encounter because without the survival chance is pretty low ( point 4 would be a start ) but maybe even add threats to the environment, like bears or wolves. maybe even some rare hostile npcs that you most likely have to fight. so yeah short: give players reasons to taker their farmed gear into the next encounter. I am german and I did my best writing this text in english. I dont expect an answer but it would be really nice to know if the devs even read it or noticed it. maybe a like or a notification or so that this post got noticed would be cool. I am really looking forward to this game, because it really could be the game I play for years if you guys do it right. I will buy the founders edition instantly and really looking forward to the game. I have 2 perpectives I see that from. first perspective is the "only gamer dino" that felt in love with this game and the second perspective is the " streamer dino" because I also stream on twitch ( fairly small still but if you want to check me out www.twitch.tv/dinotherrhino) but the last days I was most of the time number one streamer on twitch when I played vigor. so yeah not only that this game is fun, it also brings me huge steps torwards growing a succesful stream. So you see I have a double interest for this game to do well and succeed. Please tell me if I can do more, to help the game and you guys, I would support you in any way possible, IF I see that you guys roll updates out frequently and are also staying behind this game with your heart. If you are really passionate about making this game a good game, than you shall have all my support. That is my first feedback for now and I hope to get a discussion going among the other community members that delivered such great feedback so far. Greetings Dino
  8. I dont mean a huge complicated character progression system, but I really would like to see some sort of leveling of your character. You gather all these materials to further upgrade your shelter, and through some sort of progression system for the character itself you could unlock maybe small vanity items for your character that you normally only purchase through microtransactions (very very grindy) or 1 Item in your shelter could represent your current level. The deer above the chimney/fireplace could have different coloured wooden frames. you start with normal wood, and when you advance it could change to green painted wood then beige all the way up to black or white. What does the community think would be a not too complicated character level system to show off? Lets have a discussion Greetings Dino
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    I remember them mentioning it in some sort of a way, but dont take it for granted. I am actually too lazy, to look through the dev streams. :D but yeah would be a good Idea. In another post in this forum we talked about armor/gear that grant non-combat buffs If you wear a military vest for example, every single ammo slot in your inventory could hold 50% more bullets per slot.
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    Will there be a character progression system?

    no it had one reply that just agreed. it was just a suggestion to add pets in the game. it was right under this post . today it was gone. :D
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    Will there be a character progression system?

    Do you know, why or if my "pet-suggestion" post got deleted? Its nowhere to find. :/ Does that mean they want to shut down that topic, or did I posted it in the wrong place? Dont really want to make an extra post for it.
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    I disagree. what about league of legends? its always the same and people still love it. So its not about the gamemode, players leaving when the existing gaming experience is not fullfilling their needs. And yes fortnite has added a battle royale mode, what happened? epic games put all focus on that gamemode and the maingame should be free to play months ago... fortnite is the best example, why adding new game modes, to bait a few more players can hurt the main idea and the basic structure of the game.
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    is it your own screenshot? I sometimes like to do digital art, and I would like to know if they would be free to use?
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    Closed Preview Officially Ended

    Thank you Pyrit. Do you know if a complete wipe is planned at some point? So everyone gets a fresh start? Maybe before the game releases in 2019? And do you have the exact time + timezone where the game will be available on monday? Greetings Dino
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    Streamers Channel Index

    Hey Guys. Pictures say more than thousand words, just feel free to check me out and say Hi in chat. I am not only gamer, I also do graffiti and digital art. Hit me up if you want to know more. Here is a clip that I found noteworthy. Hope you like it. That was almost too smart for Dino. https://clips.twitch.tv/ExuberantInterestingNeanderthalYouWHY
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    Streamers Channel Index

    your channel doesnt exist, when I click on it. is it maybe this one? https://www.twitch.tv/buloeefox I dropped you a follow. Need to check you out next time, you seem like a chilled dude, and I really like the uk accent in general
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    prone like in dayz, almost

    proning on the rock looks painful and backbracking, but this ads a lot to the immersion. really cool animation
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    Vigor Blog

    Hey buddy, that sounds like an awesome Idea and I am appreciating your time, BUT it is sooo much text. I try my best to read it, but it will probably take a long time. also never read a blog before. What do I have to know, so that its safe to use? :D Greetings Dino
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    Team encounters

    second one: I would have just ran away as you were super low health. :D third one: you had literally NO HEALTH left. :D sixth one: RUUUUUN!!1!!!!11 I like all of them, thanks for sharing them, but I would like it way more if you not uploaded them all at once. one per day would be better so each clip becomes more special. Greetings Dino
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    that is great stuff
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    wow really? I think this is a bit overkill. And if that increases with the same paste for the 7+ shelter levels where will it end?
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    Desode's feedback from the closed Beta

    I agree on almost every part. On the server thing I have to little knowledge to guess how it turns out. in h1z1 and other games players pick extra a server where they had the most advantage over other players, but I see where your suggest is coming from. They could add a slight aim improvement when you keep practising on the shooting range. Lets say you hit 50 different targets in a specific amount of time and no double hits on one target ( make it challenging ). If you are successful it could give you a slight buff, like " 2-5% more accuracy for the next three encounters. A buff good enough to notice it but not too strong to have to big of an advantage. these little buffs could be different on the type of weapon you use. shotgun->reload speed , smg-> hipfire accuracy , sniper->rate of fire increase. this kind of stuff. In real life you also have to keep practising to maintain your progress. But I like your feedback. looking forward to steal your loot or run away from you when you scare me away with your rpk. unfortunately I couldnt play the rpk. How does the tripod work? is it just cosmetic or has it actually a use? Greetings Dino
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    CabbageMiller171 Review

    I really like your idea about the armor. the non combat buffs sound amazing. In your feedback is really not much where I disagree with, so I leave the rest uncommented. +1 on the pet.
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    Adding a Pet.

    I would love to be able to have a pet in my homebase. A dog that you can also level up just like the scrap bin or the herb box. Implementation could look like following. They are ultra rare spawning on the map (maybe every 20 rounds 1 dog) and you HAVE to have a specific item with you (bait it could be called or bone) If you have that Item in the inventory you can approach to the dog, hold x for a couple seconds and he is following you for the rest of the round. if you manage to extract with the dog, he is yours and from then on he walks around the base, you can reskin him (microtransactions), pet him or just other interactions. Pretty cool it would be when you can take him with you on your raids, and he starts to bark or makes angry noises when another player is in the near area. of course its a double edge sword. you know that there is someone around when he starts barking, but the other player can follow the bark and find you that way too. Alot of things need to be taken into consideration but having him around your base would add alot more of that "I am excited to log in and take care of my dog". He could also need specific loot you have to give him to keep him. like dogfood or so. <lets have a discussion about that. How would you like to have someone who is waiting for you to come home after a raid? :D
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    I am not a fan of that. If they focus on new gamemodes right away, something will be left behind. Take a look on fortnite. They only focus on BR and not on their game anymore. Vigor is creating something special here that noone saw before in that constellation. I would like them to focus on making the main game as good as possible, and not try to grab as many players as possible, by adding a rushed br gamemode that they also have to develope parallel to the main game. but I like your idea that there should be one map with more players. so 90% of the map has 8-16 players but one map up to 24 or so. That also would seperate the "I only want to kill players" from the "I focus on looting" players. I think there are enough br out there, let vigor be something unique and special.