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  1. I don't know if anyone else encountered this but I started my game up around noon today and went to check my stash to gear up before my encounter. I was then greeted by a screen full of new weapons, most of which had a question mark as their icon. Some of these guns were the APS, B93 Berretta (I think) a selection of new AK models, 2 or 3 new sniper rifles, an mp5, several new cosmetics, and of course, the m67 hand grenade (finally returned!!). Unfortunately I didn't record it, but needless to say I am incredibly excited to see all of these new weapons and gadgets added into the game. If anyone did encounter this and recorded it please link for others.
  2. thegamingpiplup931

    Character Reset

    Update: I did actually get my old character back. I went through the tutorial, entered an encounter, died, turned off the game, came back the next day and had all my stuff. I really don't understand the cause of this issue but I'm glad I can continue to enjoy this game without starting over.
  3. thegamingpiplup931

    Optional first person mode?

    I love this game and its combat, but I find that I only ever use the third person mode to abuse the camera perspective. Whenever I'm in an actual gunfight, I prefer to use the first person aim-down-sight. I dislike the ability to win a fight only because of your ability to look at people around corners. Additionally, even though I find more use and accuracy out of using the iron sights, it feels incredibly janky and attempting to lock on to a target is difficult when your gun pops back into the center of your screen instantly after aiming. I feel an optional first person mode could be enjoyable to those who prefer skill based combat based more on situational awareness and could be a much more satisfying experience if the first person animations and feel were improved.
  4. thegamingpiplup931

    Trade kill bug

    I wouldn't call this a bug, bullets have travel time and if both of you fired the killing shot at the same time there's enough time between the bullets hitting either of you that you could both die. Not a bug, but definitely not a fun way to die.
  5. thegamingpiplup931

    Character Reset

    Same thing literally just happened to me. Its not the first time either, its really frustrating.
  6. thegamingpiplup931

    Stuck on branch in Fisk

    On the Northern Eastern side of fisk factory (sorry for lack of exact location) I jumped into a space in between a branch and a rock, and was completely unable to move. This video showcases the glitch.