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  1. ZERO change from the beta to the preview
  2. Fillipe Ruas

    PT-BR Subtitles

    já pedi isso no inicio do closed beta falaram que tem chances no futuro.
  3. Fillipe Ruas

    Changelog 0.5.24877

    Any improvements to aiming and shooting?
  4. Fillipe Ruas

    Change death penalty to losing 50% of loot

    I like the idea of losing what is taken to the map because it gives the sensation of fear of losing what has conquered and forces the point of survival of the smartest and strongest
  5. the game needs to smooth the movement of the crosshair in the first person mode has moments that a fast movement of the feeling of falling frames
  6. Fillipe Ruas


    this game could have the translation into the Brazilian Portuguese language