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  1. Skitelz

    F2P Launch date?

    Came here to ask the same question. I'm pretty sure they said it would become free to play in February. Patiently waiting. =]
  2. Skitelz

    Closed beta extended? Or finished?

    Sadly I'm gonna have to wait til the game is free to play next year =/
  3. Skitelz


    Awesome pics man! This game looks so good.
  4. Skitelz

    Muzzle control & bullet grouping.

    There isn't supposed to be much feedback. But yeah. The gunplay needs work.
  5. Skitelz

    Open All Maps

    Not gonna happen. That will just make queue times even longer.
  6. Skitelz

    Changelog 0.5.24877

    Any improvements to aiming and shooting?
  7. Skitelz

    Excitement thread

    I think that game is backwards compatible on the One.
  8. Skitelz

    first person mode smoother ain

    Yeah, the aiming is kinda clunky right now but I'm sure they will fix it.
  9. Skitelz


    Great list. You mentioned all the major ones. I'll add some I've experienced: - There seems to be a stance bug where you crouch but it doesn't register so your character bugs out. I fixed this by jumping repeatedly but when it happens during a gunfight it's no fun. - Sometimes you reload your weapon and the animation plays out but the weapon doesn't reload. - Healing doesn't seem to work when prone. Only when crouched or standing. - Sometimes it doesn't let you take the ammo out of your inventory and put it in storage.
  10. Skitelz

    real names for guns

  11. Skitelz

    Excitement thread

    I know that. There are also plenty that are. The popular ones. Which are the ones that matter.
  12. Skitelz

    Excitement thread

    I didn't suggest everyone is a cheater. I said that PC games are riddled with cheaters. Which is true. Reading comprehension please. And since I presume you don't own an Xbox I'm not sure what you're doing here.
  13. Skitelz

    Excitement thread

    Everyone knows competitive PC games are full of cheaters. There's no point in being in denial just because you're a PC gamer. Take PUBG and Fortnite for example. Are you really gonna tell me they aren't full of cheaters? The developers themseves have stated they are and have spent millions of dollars trying to prevent it. This just doesn't happen on consoles. But whatever makes you sleep at night...
  14. Skitelz

    Gun play awkwardness

    Remember how the aiming was when PUBG launched for Xbox? That's pretty much how it is here, but with even worse hit detection, just like the guy below you said. There's a reason people come out of a gunfight alive using only a knife. The gunplay is broken. But that's what alphas/betas are for. So the developers can make the game better. =)