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  1. Will there another way to enable complex startup beyond the editor? For example we usually call more aircraft if necessary by the logistics of ALiVE, if it is only by the editor all the aircraft we call will have simple startup.
  2. What is the best practice for attacking a moving target like a fleeing vehicle using A10E? I had difficulties since the TGP does not follow a moving target How do you guys do?
  3. It's sad to see that Phronk, your idea with AFAR is brilliant. In fact, any idea that can simplify and facilitate something is a high-value idea even more when we talk about the complexity of the Arma 3 for a new user, for example. Do it, do it, install it here, install it there... That sucks! It is sad that Bohemia did not think of such a system, what a waste! I like TFAR and ACRE but if your script came out as a functional mod I would certainly replace them mainly because Team Speak is dying slowly not innovating and becoming obsolete as Discord grows and other communication platforms are emerging. It is the era of simple and efficient! It's sad to see that most of them do not support 3D positional audio yet. I used your script a long time ago and it worked very well for my needs and I believe that people can not use it correctly is because many of them do not have the patience to configure certain things etc. Perhaps turning AFAR into a mod is the key to reducing this problem with users. And I hope bohemia hears you