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  1. ReRedRingerSpore

    consumerables rework

    great idea, will add realistic depth :)
  2. ReRedRingerSpore

    (Sugestion) Duo's and possibly squads

    yes please
  3. ReRedRingerSpore

    Didn't get a beta code

    Friend just found his email! same email provider as mine but his was somehow marked as spam automatically. Not trash or junk. Spam doesnt show up in searches. He found it in the spam folder and unmarked it, and then it could be found with Search. It said something about auto deleting spam after 6 days so hurry, people!
  4. ReRedRingerSpore

    People teaming up and no gamertags to report

    i cant imagine people stopping to make gestures when they are getting chased or shot at. no strangers are going to team up ad hoc lol... i realize this is still in development and wouldnt expect new modes to be added overnight. but im very surprised that a developer would condone this unsportsmanlike behavior. as long as there arent separate modes for solo or teams, teams should be frowned upon... you speak of straitening things out in the future, but what about right now? how is this a successful test of a solo game mode? you have teams running around dominating and insuring they and their friends get all the loot they want before the end of the match, easily overpowering anybody who is playing by themselves.
  5. ReRedRingerSpore

    Unable to equip weapons

    During a match, switching from a knife to a consumable caused the bug. I was able to switch back to knife, but not able to use it. I also had a ruger that i couldnt switch to after getting stuck on knife. I tried and could not reproduce this trigger. I could not heal while running, i dont know if this is as intended. Ive just tested and confirmed that holstering a knife rather than switching weapons, triggers the bug... doesnt always bug tho. Sometimes switch around 2 or 3 times before bug is triggered. Tested for an hour, have to restart to fix when bugged lol. And now i cant make it bug after switching 20x. So im going to play :)
  6. ReRedRingerSpore

    Shotgun not firing

    ES16A2 (M16) did it too T_Thttp://xboxdvr.com/gamer/redringerspore/video/56003012
  7. ReRedRingerSpore

    xbox insider

    From your dashboard, go to store. Find the link that says "Use a code". Enter your code. It should show its for Vigor. Now the game should appear in Insider.
  8. ReRedRingerSpore

    Didn't get a beta code

    My friend signed up 10 minutes after i did and he hasnt received a code either :/
  9. ReRedRingerSpore

    X spot is like trying to find G spot

    Oops, deleted. Great job on the game, Devs :) love it.
  10. ReRedRingerSpore

    Weapon scopes & target hit indicators

    It is very hard to see anything using iron sights ._. Red dots please.
  11. ReRedRingerSpore


    I agree. Cant even look at recent players, shows no Vigor players :(
  12. ReRedRingerSpore

    People teaming up and no gamertags to report

    another team encounterhttp://xboxdvr.com/gamer/redringerspore/video/55998266 Im noob but i know a trap when i fall into it :P
  13. ReRedRingerSpore

    People teaming up and no gamertags to report

    you dont see a massive turn off to be a problem?
  14. ReRedRingerSpore

    People teaming up and no gamertags to report

    if you watch my clip, and imagine my surprise... i havent played the game today because of the huge turn off. it was alot of fun until then. as it is, during this closed beta, it takes a few minutes at best to fill a single match lobby. so its extremely easy right now to team up.