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  1. Changelog 0.5.27007

    Changelog 0.5.27007 Improved: Interaction with the interactive objects (loot, doors, windows, ladders...) is now more comfortable Improved: Stability of the game in many regards
  2. Server optimization

    Prepare Outlanders, at 17:00 CEST there will be server optimization. Some of you may notice disconnections from encounters in post-war Norway. If that will be your case, please a have a little patience. Thank you!
  3. Changelog 0.5.24877

    Changelog 0.5.24877 Added: Michel Wijnand to special thanks Changed: Water surface fixed in Tutorial map Changed: Fixed places where a player could get stuck in Tutorial map Changed: Adjusted loot distributions in levels Fixed: Various uniforms have their textures improved Tweaked: Correct interior for houses set on Snow Forrest Updated: You can now vault over many fences around balconies and terraces (including Shelter) Updated: Improved quality of shadows in interiors
  4. Changelog 0.5.24516

    Changelog 0.5.24516 Changed: the Up-to-date version of Tog Station with a batch of improvements and bugfixes Changed: the Up-to-date version of Grontheim with a batch of improvements and bugfixes Changed: Game Preview disclaimer splash screen is available slightly longer Fixed: Options no longer persist after the user is changed Fixed: Disconnect when joining staging dedicated server due to missing dev signature key Fixed: Various weapon related crashes Fixed: Black Screen should no longer happen during the encounter on Xbox One X