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  1. Every now and then my Battleye plays up, and the weird thing is it's usually when i Alt+tab out to check discord etc, i cant play for longer than 1 minute until i receive a kick and a message saying, Battleye client not responding, i've tried every fix under the sun, verifying cache, deleting BE reinstalling arma 3, tinkering with my internet, firewalls the lists go on, the legit only way i can resolve it is when the server restarts, which is every 12 hours! and this is so common for alot of arma 3 players, please guys i need help if you have a fix please tell me!
  2. MoMoLad

    "BattlEye: Client not responding"

    I've tried those all, the message i get is "battleye not responding" and i get it when i alt tab out of arma 3, ive tried everything under the sun and still to no prevail, literally all i can do is wait for a server restart which is every 12 hours, vastly limiting my game time :(
  3. MoMoLad

    "BattlEye: Client not responding"

    how did you fix this?