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    So I have been working on learning to make some Ravage missions recently, really enjoying the experience for the most part, but one thing that confuses me is how the respawning of the AI units works? Sometimes I have moments where the module seems to respawn new units continuously as they die off, and sometimes not. So, sometimes when looking in spectator mode, the map gets populated very well at the start of the mission, but then respawning never seems to happen, and ultimately I have perhaps only one guy walking around somewhere far away. This can happen even while I'm using quite high population factor values, between 6-12. Right now I'm thinking that maybe my respawning is getting bugged due to perhaps a mod conflict (I do use quite a few) or that I'm not understanding the logic of the module right? Is respawning perhaps tied to the player movement / location somehow? Thanks for any info, and I'd be happy to hear if someone else has had similar issues.
  2. 0:41:53 Error in expression <_fnc_profileEntity;_markers = _markers + _marker;_profiles pushback _profile;> 0:41:53 Error position: <+ _marker;_profiles pushback _profile;> 0:41:53 Error +: Type Bool, expected Number,Array,String,Not a Number 0:41:53 File \x\alive\addons\fnc_analysis\fnc_liveAnalysis.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_liveAnalysis], line 3001 23:44:09 Error in expression <e = ([ALiVE_ProfileHandler,"getProfile",_profileID] call ALiVE_fnc_profileHandle> 23:44:09 Error position: <_profileID] call ALiVE_fnc_profileHandle> 23:44:09 Error Undefined variable in expression: _profileid 23:44:09 File \x\alive\addons\mil_opcom\fnc_OPCOM.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_OPCOM], line 2550 I've been getting these kinds of errors with the current update, completely fresh mission, no database used. The OPCOM acts very passive, not attacking the enemy. Watching debug, units mostly get destination waypoints on their own side of the map, even if I set 500+ priority custom objectives to use as targets.
  3. I've also noticed the dismount / mount - cycle bug. It may have something to do with the 'steal vehicle' option of the mod, but I'm not 100% certain on this. Otherwise really loving VCOM.