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  1. Hello, so i am trying to figure out the code behind checking whether or not an entire unit is dead Here is the code i tried but didn't have no success players = allPlayers; { if(side _x == west) then { //Exectute code for all dead. } } foreach _players allDead; can anyone help me?
  2. Rogu3 H1Z1Stakes.com

    Teleport Entire Unit to marker

    I have done both of these, but it still doesn't work? It only teleports me, and not my friend who is in the same faction???
  3. I am trying to make a script where I can teleport a whole unit "BLUFOR" or "OPFOR" which are players to a specific marker through an addAction. Here is my code, this links to an object, which is a flag pole. _players = allPlayers; { if(side _x == west) then { player SetPos getMarkerPos "marker1"; } } foreach _players; Can anyone help me fix my code so that it works?