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  1. I'd love it if this would be able to do larger battles and whole 'island' struggles, since I basically use this implemented in the Hetman War Stories (HWS) scenarios. Thanks for you work!
  2. The Trainer box comes up at the beginning of HWS scenario setup, but unless there is a verrrrrry long delay in loading, scenarios fail to load. Not sure why. I unloaded all my Single Player Cheat mod stuff beforehand. Only kept the Full NVG mod, AI accuracy fix, DCON vehicle spawner, ASR AI mod, and a few gear mods. In Virtual Arsenal, the trainer works fine. The biggest value to this trainer compared to the Single Player Cheat mod stuff is the enemy/friend markers (ie., where the hell are the bad guys shooting at me from? AND, is that dude over there one of the bad guys I should shoot?) PS. okay, the HWS scenario seems to be loading after a loooooong delay. Maybe....the progress bar is creeping.... There must be a crazy heavy load from this trainer, since nobody would wait so long to play, and my rig is very nice.
  3. Does the updated ALiVE change the ORBAT faction-maker to make it easier than before?
  4. Unfortunately, I'm not able to load any of the Hetman War Stories scenarios while this Arma Trainer mod is loaded. Damn, this looks so promising.
  5. The Armaholic download of this mod is coming up "file not found". I really would like to try this.
  6. MAGA Man

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    I tried Alive compat mod and it didn't work on version 1.06....affecting my own private map portings ( I don't know how to update them). now that there have been several updates lately, I don't know if a problem in new HWS ports.
  7. MAGA Man

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Has anyone else encountered a possible compatibility problem with HWS and The Unsung Vietnam Mod? I used to be able to use this Vietnam mod in HWS, but now it refuses to load any HWS scenario while Vietnam mod is uploaded (even if no Vietnam mod entities are involved in the chosen scenario). I believe this seeming incompatibility may be somehow related to a recent update to Unsung Vietnam Mod, and not a problem based on Hetman or HWS, but since it's a popular mod knowing about this would save folks some time and from hours of frustration.
  8. MAGA Man

    OFP.info 2.0

    Great job on the beta release. I see there is an issue with the downloads. Do you have the files? I downloaded many of the OFP.info files from the old gamepark.cz site abt 2 years ago. Not exactly sure which file goes where...or if anything has been corrupted since.
  9. MAGA Man

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Probably not many applications for this in Arma 3, but perhaps in the next iteration of Arma, there simply must be a 'Space Force' mod now. US and China would possess 'Space Forces' by 2035 certainly. So, what would go in it? Well, we can see some of the concrete basis for 'Space Force' in the X-37 experimental unmanned space plane program undertaken quietly by the USAF. Feel free to make the kinda-space-shuttle-thing look a lot more, um, ready for battle and scary as hell. Plus, you can't have a name like 'Space Force' without super-sweet outta-this-world uniforms for its service personnel. Military domination of Near Earth orbit would require special satellites too, not only to knock down Ballistic Missiles, but also enemy satellites, enemy spacecraft and also strikes on significant land-air-sea targets beyond their retaliatory reach or ability to defend themselves. In Arma 3, while depicting space conflict isn't realistically available now, I could imagine scenarios in the current game where enemy forces attempt to stop the 'Space Force' from getting off the ground, literally, while military domination of space is not yet solidly secured by one of the world's Great Powers.
  10. RommelBr, Is there a way to implement NR6 Reinforcements into the NR6 Hetman version of HWS? What I usually have done in past for reinforcements in HWS is use Zeus at the beginning to place a few extra units for the good guys and the bad guys. This is also the only way I've been able to get airplanes into HWS, and the only way I can bring secondary faction attachments into the battle (for example: I may bring a Chernarus main force, but complement it with NATO assets) If the struggle becomes a stalemate later in game due to mutual destruction of forces, I may use Zeus again to add a few more forces to one or both sides. But the problem doing this is: 1. The beginning situation may be very dangerous or time-sensitive for the player, don't have luxury of time to place Zeus units. 2. I, the player also being Zeus, know where when and what reinforcement goodies the enemy is getting. I was hoping that NR6 Reinforcements would alter this experience in HWS, so I feel less reliant on using Zeus.
  11. Thank you very much for trying again with your new Hetman inside HWS. I am thinking the main difference to the HWS player would be the customization screen at startup of scenario, also asking about what level/limit of reinforcements for each side, etc.
  12. Any chance of integrating your new NR6 version of Hetman into a Hetman War Stories scenario? I have no idea how to put it into HWS myself, but that almost exclusively how I play Arma3.
  13. I think the RACS T-72 is currently missing sabot and ATGMs. I could only find PKT and the 125mm cannon.
  14. MAGA Man

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    My experience in HWS with AI controlled helis is they usually work, and only problem is the AI might fly the transport helis (unlike a human pilot would )too close to enemy forces. BUT, I have also AI use transport helis very well, sneaking guys behind the lines or flanking my own side's forces, similar to the air cavalry tactics in Vietnam or as Special Forces do. I sometimes use AI behavior altering mods and sometimes do not, and I constantly mess around with game AI skill and accuracy settings, so that may affect the results here.