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    [Release] Vcom AI 3 - Dangerous AI

    I dont know if this is a bug or not. But it looks like AI is not using mod artillery. I have tried RHS and a few others but it looks like AI don't use it. I can see them aim some times but they never fire any rounds. I have played around in the settings with the time before ai call artillery but with no luck.
  2. Cant wait for anyone indexing the new Livonia map :D finally a proper woodland terrain that suits my interests ;) oh, and a question... would it be possible to make it possible for the AI commander to call in more units if in "invasion" mode so that it can eventually capture an entire island? and also the possibility to set the aggressiveness of the AI commander.. and a Occupying commander focuses on setting up defence points. guess this is things that would take a bit of time to code though. the mod is superb and i feel it has almost unlimited potentials. i would love to have the possibility for a scenario where the enemy AI is doing everything he can to hunt down every last enemy unit.
  3. Andreas_Forkbeard

    [Release] Vcom AI 3 - Dangerous AI

    is the behaviour of AI Pilots in planes been altered? like, priority targeting, using dumb bombs and so on. also, does ground units call for CAS if there are friendly air assets available, similar to artillery? i really like this mod.. but AI is still behaving rather irradic at times.. but, i guess nothing is perfect. its a lot better then stock AI atleast :D
  4. Andreas_Forkbeard

    Hornet Series - Hornet,Rhino and Growler

    @firewill are you planning on making a normal F/A 18E/F? not that the currently released F18E/F by John_Spartan (i think it is) is bad in any way... just... your planes are better :D