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  1. Kaede Takagaki

    Much lagging need help...

    Thank you for all 🙂 The problem has been solved. At first ARMA3 running with the intergrated graphics and the RTX 2070S haven`t get activated ...so it came 30 fps. After changed into RTX-2070S , game running with highest 185 FPS and 150 AI battle keep staying around 100-120 FPS. Cheers.
  2. Kaede Takagaki

    Much lagging need help...

    Hi all: I have played ARMA3 for 7200 hrs but often confused in lagging problem. I used to play with the Dell Inspiron laptop of CPU : i7-7700 HQ, 16GB MEM and GTX-1050TI GPU. The game performance usually around 40 FPS , over 50 AI might decrease to 30 FPS. Yesterday I changed a new laptop into Dell Alienware A51M-R2 with CPU:I7-10700K, 16GB MEM and RTX-2070 SUPER GPU I considering the device might able to solve the problem , what I hope is all videos settings in medium or high , 60 AI Battle keep stable around 60FPS. However, if enter the editor did nothing just watch trees (SAMPLING: 100, TEXTURE: very high, OBJECTS: Standard , TERRAIN: Low, SHADOW: Disabled, PATICLES: Low, COULD: very high, PIP: Low. OVERALL: 1268 OBJECT :830) FPS is around 38, to the sea it up to 60-71. 40 AI bots battle FPS around 28-33. 6V6 tank/APC battle round 26-33 FPS. I CAANOT accept a device much advanced than my past performance worse than the old laptop.....I tried whole night couldn`t figure it out. May I ask where is the problem????? How can I set each of options in launcher and videos settings and others to increase the FPS?? Thanks so much.
  3. Hi all: Recently I found lots of amazing maps with a problem of airfields without the runway grid so it cause AI plane cannot take off or land. I consider to force AI take off by increasing its speed and I tried : this forceSpeed -1; However, nothing happened.I think it’s might be not relative to speed but the engine running degree,if AI plane keep engine running in maximum it will able to take off. so how could I force AI turn on engine staying in maximum? Thank you
  4. Kaede Takagaki

    Need help for Scripting AI missile firing.

    Thank you for all: The problem has been solved by using function : _launch = [_VEHICLE, "HE(OR CBU/5kt to choose different warhead)", 20, [TARGET MAP GRID(E.G.1234,4321,0)]] spawn pook_ARTY_FNC_SRBMMISSION; example: _launch = [a1, "HE", 20, [2345,7653,0]] spawn pook_ARTY_FNC_SRBMMISSION; P.S. For unknow reason , missile will be fired until waiting more than 4min 40s after missile raised:(
  5. Kaede Takagaki

    Need help for Scripting AI missile firing.

    Thank you mate. yes it is the normal artillery i think , the firing option is same to other artillery units. I tired place an iskander with prepared and warhead armed in my group , then I click a point on map request AI artillery support and AI fried the missile, also the options in command menu is no difference from the ordinary artillery units. I will go their .bpo file to seeking scripts:)
  6. Hi all: I am trying let AI firing missiles by using vehicles from Pook ARTY PACK via script. However, there some problems need help... I placed a 9k720 iskander and named a1 and the target vehicle in range(Where I tried able to attack with artillery computer by hand testing) called t1 Then placed a trigger with content : [a1,'PREP'] execVM '\pook_ARTY_c\scripts\SRBM.sqf'; [a1,'HE'] execVM '\pook_ARTY_c\scripts\SRBM.sqf'; which let 9k720 prepare for launch and choose HE warhead. Also I tried using waypoint but not working well, the warhead cannot be chosen. After that placed the other trigger with content: a1 doArtilleryFire [getPos t1,"pook_9k720_1Rnd_HE",1]; However, nothing happened . I tired the same script on other artillery vehicles not from pook ARTY and it`s work ... I consider it might be the problem of wrong magazine classname ,so I tried pook_9k720_1rnd_Base, but also not work. I have no idea about it could anyone help me check out where is the problem....many thanks.
  7. Hi All: I am facing trouble that RHS infantry paradrop waypoint causing much stress to my CPU In unknown reasons and finally the game quit with the error of 0x0000005. So I decided to let AI paradropped by script: Currently , this what I using(the plane named as T1) 0 = [ ] spawn {{unassignVehicle _x; _x action [“Eject”, T1];} forEach (assignedCargo T1);} AIs able to jump out and no errors happened again, however the space between each AI seems so large and it made the paradrop line so long.... I notice that if the plane suffers damage in some degree, ALL crew and passengers will jump out the plane in same time so I wonder that script might working on improving my paradrop, but I am not sure how to write that script, could anyone provide some ideas? Thanks.
  8. Kaede Takagaki

    Creating New Runways?

    Hi all, May I ask for how to create new runways for aircraft on map ? Some excellent terrains with airfields but without the runway markers and it causing AI cannot take off and land so how could I add the runway for them ? All ideas are welcome, thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all: I am getting trouble in find out how to lower the front ramp of the Type 072 LST from CUP Vehicles DEV. Same to all CUP Static ship , there has nothing in the AnimateSource and UserAction. However, during check the config viewers, I ‘ve find that the ship has into few parts like : CUP_Type072_Main (come first) CUP_Type072_Front, CUP_Type073_Rear, ..etc Then , I find both animateSources and UserActions in CUP_Type072_Front. Which called : ramp_4_source ramp_front_source then I tried scripts: this animateSource [“ramp_4_source”,1]; this animateSource [“ramp_front_source”,1]; However , they are not work 😞 And the same thing to scripts from userActions . The problem might be the ship placed is a whole object but the scripts are from parts and it cause the scripts cannot work.... Anyone could help me figure it out...I really need it in my mission (I know I can directly down the ramp from options in attributes, but I need the lowing process ...) All ideas are welcome, thanks in advance.
  10. Kaede Takagaki

    CUP LHD Rear Gate Opening Scripts?

    Thank you so much! It finally worked after few changes:) I don’t know why it wasn’t work if directly copy your script format , if insets it into an object will shown error “init: “. I made few little changes and let it into this : _Vehs = nearestObjects [lhd,[],100]; { _x animate ["door_welldeck",1];_x animate ["door_welldeck_2",1];_x animate ["door_welldeck_3",1]; } forEach _Vehs; and then It worked well.The changes are only change “nearestobjects” into “nearestObjects” and then put all _X animate stay closer with brackets . You help me solved a really large problem, I am really appreciate, thanks again.
  11. Kaede Takagaki

    CUP LHD Rear Gate Opening Scripts?

    Thanks for help, however sadly it’s not work to me.... From the class name , seems they made LHD into different parts and finally combined all these parts together and it cause us can’t select the right part which welldeck locating so our scripts not work (I guess) I also tried Something like : player action [“Open_Well_Deck“,player]; it still not working, but I think I might work if we know the correct action classname.
  12. Hi all May I ask for a script able to open the rear gate of CUP LHD in editor ? I tried seek class name in config viewer however the LHD has no animateSource and UserActions ... Now I am confusing how to work it out , any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi All: I am now fixing the hit point of a tank because it has too low HP to keep living , even though a M2 machine gun able to destroy it after shot 10 seconds ...XD But I am confusing in find out the file which contain the scripts for vehicle’s HP in the .bpo file. It’s the first time I made changes about vehicle’s HP . So could anyone experienced teaching me what the file name ending regularly looks like in .bpo? And what type of script usually working on it ? Thanks a lot.
  14. hi all I`ve got a problem that after enhance the courage of AI to max then during battle it was usually seen that team members stay in position and firing the enemy however , the team leader break the formation left all members rush ahead to very close distance to enemy then firing , finally be killed. I tried set AI attribute and waypoints attribute let them stay in formation in any time but it`s not work...the leader still rush to enemy during battle . I don`t want my team lost their leader from the first ..XD How could I fix it ? Thanks
  15. Kaede Takagaki

    Need help about textures

    Thanks a lot , I am now practicing this method 🙂