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  1. Dragon_Valliere

    Hunter'z Persistency Module

    That seems like something I could live with. Thanks for letting me know i plan to try it here in a bit, as of this post.
  2. Dragon_Valliere

    Hunter'z Persistency Module

    Any idea if this works with hosted servers? Only asking because my group uses a server hosted off my com to play ravage and starting to get a little tired of the issues I'm having with grad persistence. Nd inidbi2 is a little to complex for me. (I do most of my learning the hard way)
  3. Dragon_Valliere


    @acoustic no i wasnt pulling the classnames from teh arsenal like an smart person adn i didnt even thing to try that, i was just copy pasting the classnames of teh placed weapons in the editor which now that i think about it prob have a diffrent classname. @Recaldy thank you i will give those a try and see if that works and as i said avove i didnt even think to try and use the classnames from the arsenal.
  4. Dragon_Valliere


    Ok so setting up my MP mission i wanted to set certain RHS weapons to be in the different rarities (common, Military, ect.) and when i enable the setting for the gear pool module to tell what class names are invalid it says that all RHS class names are invalid. i tried to play around with how the class names were written because i noticed that if i removed the Weapon_ class from vanilla weapons that it didn't say that they were invalid, but because of how the RHS class names are they have the RHS(Usaf,afrf,gref)_ before the Weapon_ so it doesn't quite work, any ideas. I'm not the most script savvy so if you give me a script to try please give an explanation artical / video to work off of
  5. i want to avoid using it as much as possible since i am hosting it off of my computer not a server. my bad for not specifying.
  6. I am looking to set up a couple of campaign style OPs for my unit and i continuously run into the issue of i have to enter the editor and manually replace everything in boxes, vehicles, ect. and also that single-player saves breaks some mods such as Achilles i have looked into using the saveProfileNamespace and quite frankly don't have enough knowledge of scripting to figure out how to set it up to work and upon looking around the forms i don't find any scripts that people have made that i could give credit to. it would be appreciated if someone would be willing to take the time and explain it to me. all i want to do to save a few headaces and lost items is. save the inventory and position of vehicles and boxes, as well as if possible save the inventory and position of players.