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  1. WarhammerAT

    best ww2 mod?

    This is a list of the most famous mods about WW2: Invasion 44 WWII MP ACSR WWIIEC Liberation 41-45 FDF WW2 Invasion of France Here, you can find all these mods.
  2. Addons: VTE Mod, TQP Special Forces , Wipman M4A1, SJB Weapons, CSJ SOC-R, ICP Anims, BAS Littlebirds, OFPL Pilots.
  3. Addons: CSLA 2, SFP, Kronö island, MyHisky, ICP Anims.
  4. - Hey! Wake up, as**ole! - Where is your weapon? - You drunk again on duty! Addons: Garden of Death mod, Indesign Anim Pack, DRF addons.
  5. You can try to search these addons here, or here.
  6. FSA vs SAA Addons: FDF mod, WW4 anims , MyHisky, WW3 Weapons, BMP, T-62 and my testing units.
  7. Firefight at the road Addons: FDF, MyHisky, NUT ACU Soldiers, SEF HMMWV, CBT Bradley, SJB Weapons, Wilco anims.
  8. Addons: FDF, FPG Anims, Vit APC, MyHisky, HYK US Soldiers, RHS Motorized Infantry & Ground Troops, and also RHS Crew.
  9. Revanchist stronghold Addons: WW4 Extended, WW3 russian objects, ACSR38 grass, The Sun uaz, MyHisky, Anim pack by Raptor.
  10. Evacuation point Addons: FFUR2007+SLX, Airwolf mod, Faceplant US Infantry and Civilian Packs, AFR CH-47, STGN M4 SOPMOD, SEF HMMWV, Pilot from OFPL, FPG static anims.
  11. Addons: HYK US infantry, MyHisky, IM:UC, CAT Afghanistan, BOH mod.
  12. Addons: FDF Mod, BW Mod.
  13. Used addons: Toyota Wars, DMA Libya, SJB Weapons, DOFP Project - Lavos Zu-23-2, Wilco and Medvezh anims, MyHisky.
  14. EDF captured the enemy outpost. Addons: WW4 Extended, IRO EDF, STGN M16A2, Kurtz M40A3, MyHisky, FPG Anims pack, Marine Assault Pack, Uwar grass, FFUR Island Pack.
  15. PMC patrol the neighborhood of the oil refinery. Used addons: WW4 EXT, DMA Libya, John's Special forces, HH Weapons, Kurtz M40A3, MyHisky, Wilco's animations pack.