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  1. Battle Over Hokkaido, PLA, Vilas vehicles, Sigma-6 cargo ship, Modul sky.
  2. Battle of Rorke's Drift mod & single mission.
  3. WarhammerAT

    OFP Addon request thread

    In english, please.
  4. LCWF, Battle Over Hokkaido, Modul sky.
  5. WarhammerAT

    Rufus puma

    Thanks, i know about JC pack and I44 mod, but I have never seen Puma addon by Rufus.
  6. WarhammerAT

    Rufus puma

    Does anyone have download link to this addon?
  7. Addons: Tonal redux, MNF BRDM-1, Modul sky, Libmod anims.
  8. Thyria: sands of resistance mod, Libmod anim pack, Modul sky.
  9. Marines during exercises in Alaska, 2003. Addons: WW4 Extended, HYK US soldiers, SJB weapons, Kurtz M40A3, Instructor Emsalö island, SEF LAV pack, FPG anims, Modul sky, Mapfact and BB military objects.
  10. WarhammerAT

    Modern Combat - SLX Mod version 1.1

    Modern Combat Mod + SLX v1.1
  11. Addons: RLK guerillas, OFPL weapons, MNF BRDM-1, Emsalö island by Instructor, Modul sky, ICP anims.
  12. Swedish peacekeepers were ambushed on the road. Addons: SFP, FFUR'85+SLX, FFUR Island Pack, Berghoff's Nature Pack, BattleTech Grass, WW4 EXT objects, ICP Anims.
  13. WarhammerAT

    Ironsight mod (for handguns only)

    I don’t remember that I generally played the latest version of this mod, I found only beta version. P.S. If you are looking mods with 3d iron sights, there is also have Cold War Enhanced.
  14. WarhammerAT

    Ironsight mod (for handguns only)

    Here you are. http://www.mediafire.com/file/piombk8vn1uxmui/%40IronSight.zip/file
  15. Addons: WW4 Extended, Modul sky, Ivo USSOCOM units, GRAW FN SCAR pack, WW3 BMP and weapons, DMA units from Toyota Wars mod, Fallujah island, Hunter static anims.