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  1. Militia VBS1, RLK Guerilla Pack, Ford F350 by Delta Hawk, FPG Anim Pack.
  2. Addons: Tonal redux, Modul sky, Wilco and ICP anims.
  3. WarhammerAT

    JdB Addon Releases

    Can anyone reupload LCA, Kel-Tec Sub9 and latest version of Bastions?
  4. WarhammerAT

    best ww2 mod?

    This is a list of the most famous mods about WW2: Invasion 44 WWII MP ACSR WWIIEC Liberation 41-45 FDF WW2 Invasion of France Here, you can find all these mods.
  5. Addons: VTE Mod, TQP Special Forces , Wipman M4A1, SJB Weapons, CSJ SOC-R, ICP Anims, BAS Littlebirds, OFPL Pilots.
  6. Addons: CSLA 2, SFP, Kronö island, MyHisky, ICP Anims.
  7. - Hey! Wake up, as**ole! - Where is your weapon? - You drunk again on duty! Addons: Garden of Death mod, Indesign Anim Pack, DRF addons.
  8. You can try to search these addons here, or here.
  9. FSA vs SAA Addons: FDF mod, WW4 anims , MyHisky, WW3 Weapons, BMP, T-62 and my testing units.
  10. Firefight at the road Addons: FDF, MyHisky, NUT ACU Soldiers, SEF HMMWV, CBT Bradley, SJB Weapons, Wilco anims.
  11. Addons: FDF, FPG Anims, Vit APC, MyHisky, HYK US Soldiers, RHS Motorized Infantry & Ground Troops, and also RHS Crew.
  12. Revanchist stronghold Addons: WW4 Extended, WW3 russian objects, ACSR38 grass, The Sun uaz, MyHisky, Anim pack by Raptor.
  13. Evacuation point Addons: FFUR2007+SLX, Airwolf mod, Faceplant US Infantry and Civilian Packs, AFR CH-47, STGN M4 SOPMOD, SEF HMMWV, Pilot from OFPL, FPG static anims.
  14. Addons: HYK US infantry, MyHisky, IM:UC, CAT Afghanistan, BOH mod.
  15. Addons: FDF Mod, BW Mod.