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  1. Ah it's nice to see PKL getting some love! Looking forward to make some more Nam mission on this. Also, is it just me or did that AI just crossed the bridge without any problem???!!!??? I thought this was impossible in Arma. Besides that, the AI seems to be driving without any problem, was there any AI mod involved in this video or just vanilla, cause I don't remember ever seeing an AI drive as well as that. Anyhow, great work!
  2. The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Ah, okay. I can see my post now, indeed. Thanks for explaining, and thanks for suggesting the Photography/ Screenshots channel,I'll take a look at it, ;)
  3. The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Howdy folks! I guess, this is the right place for me to ask this question; I registered not too long ago, and made my first post today, though it doesn't show up and it's marked as hidden. It also doesn't appear in my profile when I look at my activity. So I was wondering why? I made a second post in a different thread and that one appeared right away, and isn't set as hidden. So, yea, just wondering why my 1st post doesn't show up. I read about newcomers posts being "auto-moderated", but i'm not sure if that's why my post doesn't show up or not. Here's a link to the thread where I made my 1st post:
  4. Howdy everyone, new to the forum, though not new to Arma or the Unsung mod. Been a fan of the mod for some time now, I used to make missions for myself back on Arma 2, and actually I bought Arma 3 just so I could play the Unsung mod with it. Thought it was about time I show some gratitude and love to the people who work hard to make this mod what it is. So, a BIG THANK YOU to all the Unsung Devs for creating and sharing such an amazing piece of work. I simply love it. The mod really is an experience itself, the atmosphere, the ambience, the maps, the sounds, the weapons, the vehicles... You guys brought immersion to a whole new level. So, yea, thank you all for making this mod a reality. PS: Not sure if this is the right place to post screenshots, but, I'm also part of a modding community (which focuses mainly on Fallout modding, though we are not the Nexus), and not long ago we had a screenshots contest on the theme of Military, contest which I did not won though. Needless to say the screenshots I submitted were screens of Unsung (and I also used Direone Static Pose Pack for the poses). Thought I'd share them here (again, sorry if it's not the right place for screens) Putting the rest of the screens in a spoiler so it doesn't stretch the page too much: