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  1. @Irish93 , I was having the same remark to myself not long ago. I was on a Unsung binge a couple months back, just before the cDLC annoucement, and for a while playing I didn't hear the whistles anymore. But I played some more and I'm fairly certain I heard the PAVN whistles again, maybe not as much as they used to. Maybe the rates for whistles and voices sounds have been turned down over the last updates I dunno, that's for the Devs to say. Also if I'm not mistaken you shouldn't need to put the RugDSAI module to have the units speaks, unless you either want only specific units to speaks or if you want to disable it completely. Hope this will help you a bit, until one of the Devs can give you more accurates infos about this.
  2. Damn, Santa Claus is way too early this year. I'm a sucker for Unsung, and I'm really thankful that you guys keep working on this amazing mod and adding new stuff besides fixing bugs and whatnot. I did not expect to see a new Unsung map for Arma3 to be honest. You guys giving us a new huge playground to have fun with is the cherry on top of the cake! And it's based off the Kontum province and the Central Highlands along the border area, which is all I could have hope for, for a new Vietnam map. Anyhow, the new map looks freaking great! I can't wait to build and play some missions on it. Time to cancel everything I had planned for this weekend I guess, lol. You guys are the best! Thanks a ton for your hardwork and for sharing it with the community!
  3. @IndeedPete Played around some more with the script after work, and...Well this time it isn't BI's fault, I'm simply a dumbass who had PIP disabled in my game, of course the LiveCam wouldn't work . It's always disabled on my pc and I had forgotten about that settings, Sorry to have bothered you because of my stupidity. The multiple choice dialog is the most interesting, so much possibilities! Thanks again 🙂
  4. Great script @IndeedPete ! It offers lots of opportunities for mission making. I did some quick testing as I plan on using it in a mission. Everything is working fine for me, except for the LiveCam which I cannot get to work. The dialogues/sentences functions work perfectly, but I get no LiveCam though. I did test the demo mission without any mods to see if one mod could mess with the cam script but even in vanilla arma in the demo mission, I don't get any LiveCam. I checked the RPT too to see if there was any error but couldn't find anything. I didn't see anyone mentioning this issue in the thread so maybe it's on my end. Not sure if you still plan to patch/update the script, and if not, it's okay. It's not to big of a problem not having the liveCam as the rest of the script works still 😉 Anyway, thanks a lot for putting this script together and sharing it!
  5. praising

    Setting up a convoy ambush?

    There's also this one if you haven't already tried it: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/226608-simple-convoy-script-release/ I recently used this one on the RHS PKL map, and didn't encounter any problem with it. AI drove across the map from north to south without ever getting stuck.
  6. Thanks for the help @TeTeT , I tried it and the code worked pretty much right off the bat. It does exactly what I was looking for! I tested it with an empty vehicle as "radioUnit" too, just to see, and it worked aswell. Those radio chatters and sounds always were a great feature of the mod, I love them! Again, thank you for helping me, you just made my day !
  7. I have a question regarding AI and the "radio chatters" , is it possible to have one AI unit play any of the radio chatters available with the unsung radios with a script command (like with a playSound3D or say3D command) ? I know it's possible to manually activate the radio of an AI unit while in-game, but I would have liked to make it activated/play the sound without needing the player to do it in-game, for "immersion" purposes. I browsed through the config viewer in cfgSounds and tried a bunch of different sound files from Unsung but could'nt find those radio chatters, specifically the "transport channel chatter" and/or the "support channel chatter". Anyway, still having some great times with this amazing mod.
  8. @igame360 This script doesn't record head movements as stated by the OP's in his 1st post. Even if you made the unit turn his head left or right while recording, it would not appear while playing back the sequence because those head movement haven't been recorded. Whenever I've used this script, the units playing the movement/anim sequence turn their heads a bit here and there ( I guess depending on what's around them), but they will mostly just stare at whatever direction their body is facing.
  9. I guess that you didn't change the name of the data in your CaptureData2.sqf and in your play2.sqf . In your CaptureData2.sqf you need to change the name of the data, and do the same for your play2.sqf . Your CaptureData2 should be like this; HLF_moveData2 = [ whatever data you recorded]; HLF_fireData2 = [whatever data your recorded]; HLF_animData2 = [whatver data you recorded]; And your play2.sqf should be like this; _unit = _this select 0; {_unit disableAI _x;} forEach ["ANIM","MOVE","FSM","TARGET","AUTOTARGET"]; [_unit, HLF_moveData2] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; [_unit, HLF_fireData2, true] spawn HLF_fnc_infUnitPlayFiring; [_unit, HLF_animData2, true] spawn HLF_fnc_infUnitPlayAnim; If you would need a 3rd unit playing aswell, you would name the data in your CaptureData3.sqf , HLF_movedata3, HLF_fireData3,etc... and. And do the same for your play3.sqf Hope that helps.
  10. Did some more testing with this script trying to get the AIS_Medical_Education parameter to affect AI, still no luck. What I've found out is that regardless of how you set this parameter, AI unit that have AIS loaded will be able to revive other AI if they have a FAK or a MediKit in their inventory. If you remove all of their FAKs and MediKits they won't be able to revive unconscious units though so the workaround to only allow AI medics to revive other AI is to remove all of the medical gear from non medic units.Posting this here in case someone else wants to restrict the revive to AI medics only for mission purpose, as I'm not sure if OP still plans to work on the script or not. I have to say I'm quite amazed at the sturdiness of this script so to speak, I mean I've made quite a few changes to it trying to get the desire effect, not really knowing what I was doing, but it practically never broke, lol
  11. Looking forward to explore and discover the new version, seems like there's lot of new stuff to find. Always loved the rice paddies on this map and it's nice to see there will be more rice paddies areas. Great work, top notch quality map!
  12. @eggbeast Thanks for the info!
  13. @Grizzly58 If I recall correctly in the module option you can either apply it to synced units, or units in a trigger which is synced to the module, there might be a third option but I'm not sure exactly. Though, this will sound like a stupid question, but what does the RUG DSAI module exactly do? Asking this cause I've never actually used it in my missions cause AI still speaks nonetheless (not that I don't like them speaking, I think it's cool), so I never felt the need to use that module since AI seems to speaks without it. Was wondering if I l missed anything cool by not using the module. PS: not sure if this should be asked here or in the other Unsung thread so sorry if it's not in the right thread.
  14. @lightspeed_aust The reason you're having this issue is cause you need to remove the two brackets on this line: AIS_MEDEVAC_STATIONS = [[]];// Add one or more objects and a radius to activate the medevac feature. If enabled revive is only at this place(s) possible. Empty array means feature is disabled. That line should be like so: AIS_MEDEVAC_STATIONS = [];// Add one or more objects and a radius to activate the medevac feature. If enabled revive is only at this place(s) possible. Empty array means feature is disabled. See my post on the previous page, if you leave those two brackets the script will look for a non existant "medevac station" object and thus you will only be able to stabilize. @R0adki11 During your OPs did you had the script running for AIs as well? The script works all fine for me except for the AIS_MEDICAL_EDUCATION parameter. I cannot get it to work for AI. I'd like to restrict the revive to "medics only" for both player and AI, but despite the description saying "(this affects both, AI and players!)" , the parameter only seems to affect players, AI will still be able to revive wether or not they are a medic and have the medic trait. Rest of the script still work nicely, so no big deal I guess.
  15. I've been running into a few issues as well since the past few days. Some of the configurable parameters in "AIS_SETUP.sqf" don't seem to be taken into account anymore. The core of the script itself seems to still work fine as I can still get AI to revive one another or revive them myself. The "AIS_MEDICAL_EDUCATION" parameter doesn't work for AI, if I set it up to "only medics can revive", any units can still revive unconscious ones even if they are not medic (though it says "this affects both, AI and players!"), but the parameter will still work on players (haven't tested it with other players just myself). Another one that doesn't seem to work is "AIS_SHOW_UNC_3D_MARKERS", setting it to false or true doesn't seem to change anything as the markers will show up anyway. The other parameters seems to work fine as far as I can tell.