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  1. Ah ok I should have grabbed the most recent repo and read the docs. I'll try again, thanks.
  2. vihkr


    0:21:23 Error in expression <unit] spawn RVG_fnc_breathfog; }; _unit removeEventHandler ["SoundPlayed", _unit> 0:21:23 Error position: <removeEventHandler ["SoundPlayed", _unit> 0:21:23 Error Type Any, expected Number 0:21:23 File ravage\code\scripts\system\breathfog_init.sqf, line 19 0:21:23 Error in expression <unit] spawn RVG_fnc_breathfog; }; _unit removeEventHandler ["SoundPlayed", _unit> 0:21:23 Error position: <removeEventHandler ["SoundPlayed", _unit> 0:21:23 Error Type Any, expected Number 0:21:23 File ravage\code\scripts\system\breathfog_init.sqf, line 19
  3. vihkr


    Alright. This came up (see image). Running Steam versions of ALiVE and Ravage on Esseker Fixed. Atmosphere Module is set to Artificial Lights -1, Breathfog Simulation Yes, No to everything else. It pops up every 30 seconds or so.
  4. Yes, but why does mine say VASS and yours is arsenalShop? I am also using daily build from the GitHub repo. This is the head of my description.ext (and still I get the same error) and thanks for looking into this: #include "VASS\gui\cfgGUI.hpp" class cfgFunctions { #include "VASS\cfgFunctions.hpp" };
  5. vihkr


    Where do I report bugs? GitHub? Elsewhere?
  6. I know IFA3 has one voice "Polish 01" but that's about it. Any others?
  7. vihkr


    When manually placing empty vehicles I don't want damaged by the Vehicles module, what do I put in the vehicle's init to protect it from the Vehicles module? Thanks.
  8. When I try this: I get this: 10:31:28 Error in expression <money = player getVariable [TER_moneyVariable,0]; money = money + > 10:31:28 Error position: <TER_moneyVariable,0]; money = money + > 10:31:28 Error Undefined variable in expression: ter_moneyvariable
  9. Ya I thought that too. But is it by design (the dim down part)?
  10. Please see video below. I was testing "firepower" at fixed distances, with and without modded weapons and ballistics mods, and noticed that with automatic fire, bullet traces would actually pass through collisions with hit boxes. If you perform the same type of test with a semiautomatic, it collides 100% and will drop 90%+ of the models on the first hit (variable due to damage mechanics). But with rapid semi- or automatic fire, the bullets begin to pass through the targets. I tested this with vanilla and modded weapons, including turrets and the behaviour is the same. Rate of automatic fire does not seem to affect how many collisions there are (i.e. a modded MG42 at 1200 rpm is not less effective than a stock M2 turret) yet slow, deliberate semi-auto fire collides more reliably. This issue does not seem to affect the explosion modelling. Is this expected behaviour or a bug?
  11. Understood. Neither works.
  12. So this should be able to handle props like Land_ruin_rubble as well? Cool thanks.
  13. Hei! So what you're saying is that your building replace script should be used to replace buildings with the ruined versions instead of running Feuerex's damage script (to increase performance)? It's a cool idea but I want all the trees to be burnt and/or stumps and then blown over and the damage script does that. Furthermore, there are tons of other objects in the are that I want destroyed. And allowDamage false is equivalent to unchecking Enable Damage in the attributes dialogue which doesn't work.
  14. I'm attempting to model an area that has been nuked sometime in the past on the Rosche terrain. The various estimated effects are here at NUKEMAP Currently, I am replacing buildings, trees and bushes with stumps and burned versions using GR's scripts: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34852 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34874 I've then edited a few specific buildings with the module Edit Terrain Object and replaced them with burned/damaged models. I then placed an object at the epicenter with Feuerex's example to cause damage to objects: things = nearestobjects [this,[],3370];{_x SetDamage 1} foreach things Where 3370 is the radius of the 5psi blast effects (buildings and tress flattened). I've then overlaid the object with the Ravage Radioactive Zone Placement module with the appropriate radius. So it should be all good, right? Wrong. I have 2 problems: 1. Manually placed building objects are destroyed too by Feuerex's script, even if I uncheck enable damage/enable simulation. How do I prevent them from being destroyed/damaged by the script? 2. Because it's such a large area, Feuerex's script is slow AF to execute. It really lags the server on mission load. Any more efficient options? Bonus question 1: does anyone know how to break all building windows in a certain radius? 1psi (windows broken) radius of a 300kt 300m altitude airburst is roughly 8700m. Bonus 2: any scripts to scatter random garbarge/wreckage/rubble in a radius? Thx guys.
  15. VCOM 3.0 and ALiVE AI are pretty good at avoiding stuff like that, as they will frequently flank. I may check if it's an issue, thanks.