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  1. McDance

    Exile Occupation (Roaming AI)

    Well, the problem is, if I enter the taxi and i get the information this vehicle is now yours, the taxi script wont work anymore until the server will restart. This is only if an admin will enter the taxi, normal player is no problem. I have no idea if occupation or infistar, i ask here becouse not everybody that use infistar have occupation, but the most that have occupation have infistar. I expect to find a solution, admin enter the taxi and the taxi follow his rules
  2. McDance

    Exile Occupation (Roaming AI)

    Good Morning together, I have a little issue with InfiStar, whenever I entered the "Tradertaxi" I get the messege from Infistar - this object is now yours. Is there a known solution? Regards Michael
  3. I have added the compleate rpt in the Spoiler. I believe Steam don´t like this, I have tried many way´s, Steam off is one of these with the answer "steam verification faild.
  4. Hey, Server is up and running, I start the game and find the server in the list, when I connect the connection lost because the server ends, what can I do? German Hallo, nachdem ich den Server aufgesetzt und gestartet habe läuft dieser soweit, ich starte das game, finde den server auch in der liste, wenn ich mich verbinde beendet sich der Server, was kann ich tun? Danke und Gruß