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  1. sorry, i am little brazilian guy and my english is very bad, it's a google translator. 😞 I have a little problem with the latest version of your script, I really appreciate it if you can help me. I tried to find what may be causing it and I'm still looking, but so far without success. What happens is that I am invincible when the mission is started, and until I take the uniform of an enemy soldier or kill me (for Zeus), nothing can kill me. I believe it is something that is only loaded at script startup but I couldn't find it, I tried to force my respawn but that was not enough, apparently I need to "go through" the uniform change script for the invincibility to end. I'm using ALIVE MOD, ACE3, VCOM and RHS. Some of them may be causing this with your script.
  2. Nossa que ideia de gênio. Parabéns a equipe, estou ansioso pelo MOD. Google Tradutor, Sorry! "Wow what a genius idea. Congratulations to the team, I'm looking forward to the MOD." Se precisarem de algum suporte, mesmo que financeiro, não deixem de colocar aqui, pois com certeza nós da comunidade Arma não mediremos esforços para que esse projeto saia do papel e fique disponível para todos. "If you need any support, even if financial, do not forget to put it here, as surely we in the Arma community will not measure efforts so that this project gets off the ground and is available to everyone."
  3. danielmjmarques

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    TKS!!! Great Job.
  4. danielmjmarques

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    After update 3.11 cba_settings.sqf not work for ace3!!!
  5. danielmjmarques

    [Release] Simple IED Script

    On deticate server, try change if(!isServer)exitWith{}; For this! if(!isServer or !isDedicated)exitWith{};
  6. You need Enable player logistcs on the player Alive menu. And select option load out on the box. I use Alive and rhs and work !!