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  1. randomlumberjak

    2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.3.0)

    hey it may just be me, but scopes spawn in editor on units without any other mods, but with cba by itself the scopes don't spawn and I cant find some scopes in va
  2. randomlumberjak

    2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.3.0)

    hey was wondering if you could make a blufor version as some terrorist factions are opfor , I was wondering if you could add some divers at some point and I know that this isn't really Russia but I stumbled across this thought at some point this might be a nice addition to the mods on the dessert end of things Member of the "Turan" group with his modded AK, operating in Syria, Deir EzZor province. According to rumors this unit consist of Russian and Ex-Soviet republic muslims with military background would this help on the drone end of things? that's all I have for now cheers guys love the winter stuff
  3. Hey Firewill, was the UH-80R Ghosthawk mod deleted? was my favorite mod cheers man
  4. randomlumberjak

    2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.3.0)

    so turns out I meant GRU but was confusing it with the police, but I googled that and I don't think that makes sense, as far as my knowledge goes there just one of the parent organisations to spetznas, Grom would be cool, but wouldn't expect it to be made unless your willing to explore internal Russian conflicts ect. (which would also be cool)
  5. randomlumberjak

    2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.3.0)

    hey man this has been my favourite mod for about a year, i have a couple of questions if that's cool, 1. why are the guns 5.56 instead of 7.62, and also would you be able to add the vanilla Russian vehicles back in along side your added ones for a much larger seeming arsenal, which i think would compliment the mod a lot, tried the jets dlc SU with your added one and that would work so well with uniform skins on the vehicle, either way great work and thanks also would you be able to add grom?