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    Wishlist 1.3.0

    What I want for the next big update is, - bugs and fixes especially white screen restart - 12 cal ammo name changed to 12 gauge - magnum be called python because it’s cooler name - more stuff from the original DayZ such as being able to carry more items - being able to store more weapons as slots like the original DayZ - drink on the move and eat on the move (like what the original DayZ is gonna have when it hits beta) - the aiming system shouldn’t be gay and should be more straight - the red infected zombie pooping toxic should be slower by abit (still faster than the player but slower then currently) - actual attachments not the lame thing so far - a makarov!!! - more ammo types - better base building systems (like what the original DayZ is gonna be like when it hits beta) - multiplayer cause I feel lonely - mobility added (holding weapons makes you slow) - a fist melee option added if mobility is gonna be a thing - better 1v1 melee combat (a new button called block and a new button called attack) so that your life when your nearly dead isn’t depended on f@*king CHANCE YOU F@#KING LUNATICS!!! Keep up the good work. Because I told you to.

    Shooting accuracy after 1.2.0

    Even zombies with ak47 r super hard to kill unless you have the SVD. The aiming system is gay and I always play veteran (achievement achievers yay) so I die pretty often from these dudes. U have to be pretty far away from the zombies to not get shot and I hate it when they destroy my sh!t.