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  1. Hello again! I'm stuck in removing an action from an RHSUSAF vehicle. I've found the class herarchy in the editor: CfgVehicles >> RHS_C130J >> UserActions >> OpenMenu Here's the content of "OpenMenu" description.ext doesn't support changing CfgVehicle classes, so I created an addon, but I stil have that action shown. This is the content of my config.cpp What am I doing wrong? This is my first time messing with classes, so I kindly need your help. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I'm trying to find n positions around a center using the command "BIS_fnc_findSafePos" and I would like to know if someone has ever successfully utilized the "advanced" blacklist settings, here in the spoiler: In particular, my interest is in blacklisting "slices" of the circle around a center. Can this be accomplished by using "[center, [a, b, angle, rect]]" as params? I tried some run of the code inside a loop, but I can't understand what these parameters do, first of all what does "rect" exactly means. If there's a way to set up triangle-shaped zones to be blacklisted it would be fine. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I've configured my dedicated server with a secondary IP under its NIC. I can start the Server by using the -ip parameter inside my server's .cfg file (eg -ip=123.456.789.0). The server starts, I can find it and play in it with no problems at all, and it has the set ip. The problem is that I can't have my headless client (local to the dedicated) to connect to the server. Without the use of a defined IP with the -ip parameter, I used to set localClient[]={""}; headlessClients[]={""}; and my headless clients had -connect= / -connect=localhost as parameters. With the new IP, for example the said "123.456.789.0", HCs can't connect even if I tried what follows: //server .cfg -ip=123.456.789.0 //server config.cfg localClient[]={"","123.456.789.0"}; headlessClients[]={"","123.456.789.0"}; //headless params -connect=123.456.789.0 Do someone how to achieve the headless client connection with a defined IP on the server? thank you.
  4. Lorenz94

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Hello! Can you please add a settings that allows to manually choose whether to show the medic icon on the radar if a player has the ace attribute or is of the medic classname? Let me better explain: now if a player has some sort of ace medical level, DUI automatically shows it on the radar as a medic. What I would like to do is to have the medic icon displayed only if a player is of a medic class (such as "B_medic_F" for example). This because me and my friends like to have "ace advanced diagnose" on for everyone (numeric values for heart rate and pressure), and to achieve this thing we need to set all our avatars to medic, restricting some actions such as stitching to doctors. Please let me know if I explained or not! Thank you.
  5. Hello, I'm having issues on spawning Simple and Super-Simple objects at a given position. I tried to troubleshoot the thing, but I can't find out what's wrong. I'm spawning custom compositions at random positions. Normal objects spawn well, but simple objects "get lost" near [0,0,0]. If all objects get spawned as normal (so using createVehicle, not createSimpleObject), no issues at all. What's going on: Any idea on what can be wrong? Thank you! EDIT: The snippet is intended to show how I retrieve an object' position from the sqe file, the code I tried to spawn the said object as "simple" and how I position it on the map. The positioning works with not-simple objects, while keeps simple objects near the spawn position (as you can see, [0,0,10000]). So I started this topic to kindly ask if anyone has got a similar experience and how to deal with simple objects creation. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for your replies. The snippet it's just pseudo-code, not the actual set of functions of course, I simply summarized the steps I took in a very list-like manner to show the logic behind the process. @POLPOX - The same function is used to spawn normal and simple objects, so that's why there's also enableSimulationGlobal. You're right about being pointless on simple objects! @pierremgi - But if I'm spawning them on [0,0,0] before actually moving them to their final position, why do those simple object remain on their initial positions? The final position is the result of findSafePos. If the position format is wrong, shouldn't those simple object just disappear under the terrain or spawn at incorrect heights? That's what I can't understand! Thanks!
  7. Thank you guys. Both inputAction and actionKeys doesn't seem to work. I tried to have them in a hint under an onEachFrame loop (really simple and stupid debug), but I can't get anything prompted. I "solved" with a keyDown EH, when ctrl+shift+backspace are pressed, then the buttons get hidden/shown.
  8. Hello, I would like to add a custom button to the zeus/curator interface that disappears and reappears whenever backspace is pressed. Can someone please help me in hooking the interface? About the button creation no problem. Example code for the button Thank you!
  9. ?? The topic is nothing near to your reply, sorry to say! The snippet shows how I create simple objects and the question is how to avoid simple objects created via script not being set at their position! The problem is not about gameplay logic, I'm *not* asking how to setup a mission to be played. The problem is only related to a single simple object placement, that seems, at least with my flow, to not work as expected.
  10. This got me crazy over the afternoon 😔 Anyway thank you, now my code starts to work as expected.
  11. Thank you Harzach, please see what happens if I use the *suggested* syntax ([center, [a, b, angle, rect]]), so a square bracket in addition: same code, with a larger radius: result
  12. Ok and that's what I also guessed. Is it a boolean? If true the function will do a*b? If false will be considered a triangle area? That's what I can't answer so anyone with direct experience would be appreciated! Thanks.
  13. Yeah, thanks, but I don't need just a radius, the question is specific to a particular blacklisting option, not completely documented! I would like to know what "[center, [a, b, angle, rect]]" does mean because I'm guessing is to build some kind of polygon shape, but I can't obtain what I need, that is a "slice"-shaped blacklist area.
  14. I would like to contribute, but the author does not log into this forum 😞
  15. Hello, another project idea.. stuck! This time I am thinking about a simplified compass (just a cross indicating N-S / W-E and displaying letters on ends), drawn on center of screen that pivots and turns based on player's relative position to N and pitch. What I've understood until now is that the best thing to do in this case is to use the EH "Draw3D", but I'm having problems in drawing even a simple line "static poiting" to N. Is there someone so kind to help me once again? Thank you all.
  16. Hello, I'm trying to add a text line showing a real time percentage over the fuel bar. What I'm facing is a problem in centering the text on the full lenght of the bar, based on how many numbers do have the text (eg: 1%, 10%, 100%). Can someone more confident with default dialogs please help? What I have is as follows, and works, but not centered: Thank you!
  17. Really thank you for your time and also for the explanation!
  18. Thank you 7erra, this works as I intended. I can't see the difference between my coordinates and yours, where can understand you're not using absolute values? Thank you!
  19. Hello, would you please consider adding your project to gitHub? I really would like to contribute, if you'd like any help!
  20. Hello, can you please update your GitHub repo to the lastest steam release? I would like to contribute!
  21. Hello, I'm experiencing a client crash at respawn and I can't really understand why. I've done some troubleshooting and I know for sure the portion of code that causes the crash, but can someone please help me in understanding why? Explanation: I need to check if an unconscious player do respawn with a medic nearby. - The above code works as expected if tried locally; - The extDB3 callExtension works if tried alone on the server; What seems to cause the crash is the BRZ_fnc_handleUnconscious. If I don't call for that code, the crash simply does not happen. The RPT file is not very helpful: simply reports ACCESS VIOLATION, as stated by the crash dialog. Why do a "quick" variable change cause a crash? Thank you.
  22. Lorenz94

    Crash at respawn

    Deleting and re-downloading the mission seems to solve, I'm trying again tomorrow, thank you.
  23. Lorenz94

    Crash at respawn

    Hello, after a while without crashes, the game at respawn freezes. Here's a RPT. Thank you!
  24. Lorenz94

    Crash at respawn

    Yes I do, I'm using extDB3, but as I said before, the query works if I try it alone, even if triggered using the pvEH
  25. Lorenz94

    Crash at respawn

    Hello and thank you for all your replies! Will post a pastebin this evening (UTC+2)! Never thought about this, will do some more testing before bothering! Seems logic to my noob coding experience, but in this particular case I think I've done all correct.. the only thing I run at respawn is the snipped I provided 😓 Thank you again, will update soon.