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  1. Lorenz94

    Crash at respawn

    Deleting and re-downloading the mission seems to solve, I'm trying again tomorrow, thank you.
  2. Lorenz94

    Crash at respawn

    Hello, after a while without crashes, the game at respawn freezes. Here's a RPT. Thank you!
  3. Lorenz94

    Crash at respawn

    Yes I do, I'm using extDB3, but as I said before, the query works if I try it alone, even if triggered using the pvEH
  4. Lorenz94

    Crash at respawn

    Hello and thank you for all your replies! Will post a pastebin this evening (UTC+2)! Never thought about this, will do some more testing before bothering! Seems logic to my noob coding experience, but in this particular case I think I've done all correct.. the only thing I run at respawn is the snipped I provided 😓 Thank you again, will update soon.
  5. Lorenz94

    Crash at respawn

    Hello pierremgi, I modified the formatting a bit, so to be less confusing, my fault! There's no typo in there, the second closing bracket closes the argument calling for the function! What I can't understand is why it causes crashes only is connected to a dedicated, while the server just prompts "player disconnected". Thank you.
  6. Hello, I'm experiencing a client crash at respawn and I can't really understand why. I've done some troubleshooting and I know for sure the portion of code that causes the crash, but can someone please help me in understanding why? Explanation: I need to check if an unconscious player do respawn with a medic nearby. - The above code works as expected if tried locally; - The extDB3 callExtension works if tried alone on the server; What seems to cause the crash is the BRZ_fnc_handleUnconscious. If I don't call for that code, the crash simply does not happen. The RPT file is not very helpful: simply reports ACCESS VIOLATION, as stated by the crash dialog. Why do a "quick" variable change cause a crash? Thank you.
  7. Thank you, I got it working!
  8. Hello, I'm having an headache understanding how the command "#debug console" works. I need to print what's on server's console, realtime, is this possible? Reading the biki, there are two commands that capture my attention: "#debug n" (where n is a number of seconds) and "#debug console". I've tried all sort of combination of these two (also running them from the server using the alternative syntax of serverCommand or from client via GUI button), but the server_cosnole.log remains empty until the server is shutdown (this happens with or without the execution of these forementioned commands). The only command that gives an immediate "reply" is "#debug von", but also adds a lot of not needed information in my particular context. So please, does anyone know how to use the "#debug console" command? Does it need to be used with "#debug n"? Thank you, google didn't helped at all.
  9. Python3 from hashlib import md5 def steam_id_to_guid(steam_id): temp = ['BE'] for _ in range(8): temp.append(chr(steam_id & 0xFF)) steam_id = steam_id >> 8 return md5(''.join(temp).encode("latin1")).hexdigest() print(steam_id_to_guid(yourUID))
  10. Was a typo! As I stated before, the query is ok and the variable IS being transmitted on first connection. If someone exits from the server and rejoins (without a server restart), the variable is no more casted. The problem is my poor understanding of the "ping-pong" made with publicVariableClient/Server, the issue to me seems to be that the variable doesn't change value and so the variableEH does not get triggered, so I'm kindly asking here hoping to have confirms / denials about this fact and my code. Thank you all
  11. Probably my example code has been not well explained, sorry! I updated it. The two params are at the beginning of a function called from inside the EH, so they are fine 🙂
  12. Hello gc8, this is exactly that the PlayerConnected MEH does! So I don't think would change the result
  13. Hi Z1DDE, what do you need to do exaclty? What's the code you used to paste in the init field of those units?
  14. Hello, I'm trying to give players joining a server a variable based on what the server has as reply from a query to a database. The query is fine, I've got my value out of it. What I would like to do, is to change the value of this variable freely on the server, so that a player only needs to re-connect to have its value updated (in this particular case, the variable allows players to fly CAS aircrafts). What I've done so far works, just for the first connection! If a player reconnects (without a server restart), the value of the variable is no more assigned on client, because, from what I understand, addPublicVariableEventHandlers triggers only when the variable changes. So I don't know how to work around this "issue", avoiding the need of telling players they need to wait for a complete server restart to fly. Code: Thank you for the precious help!
  15. Lorenz94

    G-Steering indicator

    Hello pierremgi, from what I remember, even the ACE team dropped the idea of implementing the Coriolis effect, and since that developing team is far more experienced than me (lol) I think that part is negligible. Regarding what I tried to do, in the first place I calculated the average position between the camera' sight and the position of the rocket launcher, so that perspective should be ok. Then I added the gforce and what lacked to have the icon correctly displayed was to add the current position of the aircraft. I also tried to "scale" these vectors, but the icon doesn't move perfectly where it should, so probably I'm missing something little! I'm not very good at physics, sorry ;(