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  1. n3vasc4

    Ask us anything!

    It's just how I think and what I say to those who complain about the levels. At level 4 it's possible to have the weapon I use at level 17 and a red dot. The first 3 levels are very easy to achieve, so there's no need to say that the level in this game is OP. Heavier/more penetrating weapons naturally require higher levels to unlock, but they are not as OP as they appear. It all depends on the style of the player. I am living proof of this. Level 17, could be using heavier weapons... I'm on Spar-16s for the win.
  2. n3vasc4

    For those of you having issues logging on

    I had the problem... then I got in. But after a weird game (some players having problems), in the next match ALL started as if they were guests. So after finishing this "game of guests", I had the brilliant idea to leave the game and come back... no more entered. "Connection lost" again. :( nce everyone is having problems, I think it has something to do with the game/servers and not with files or anything.
  3. n3vasc4

    Skill Tree Issue

    Friend, it's not the fault of the system. Even if the value does not appear to you, it's still your fault. In cases like these, the first thing you need to do is restart the game to see if everything goes back to working perfectly. That way, you would have figured out the amount you would spend BEFORE resetting the skills tree, and only then would you decided whether or not to reset. Considering that the cost to reset the skill tree was 57,000, I suppose you have a high level. How did you not know the cost of the level 2 vest for all this time? Anyway, I think it's easier for you to adapt to the system, that the system adapts to you. Face it as a lesson and everything will be fine. The next time you make such a drastic decision, decide with caution. []'s
  4. n3vasc4

    Forum modification

    I think this problem simply has no solution, so I voted for a bad idea. As I see this error happens when the servers are down or something, there is nothing to be done other than waiting.
  5. n3vasc4

    Using GPU/CPU

    I'll test. If there is any improvement, I notice here. Anyway, I hope some developer comes along to at least try to help me with this question, since they know more than we do about the game. Is my machine not able to run this game at least a little more acceptable?
  6. n3vasc4

    Free insults for my gameplay style

    I play Argo has a week and I went level 1 (and guest). I honestly think that anyone who has a certain skill for games like Argo, the level does not matter that much. I've been almost K/D 2.0 since level 1, even playing against opponents much better armed and protected than me. At first I did not even understand the skills tree, so I used the "Vermin" for some levels. High level players have never been so OP to me. Honestly, I think complaining about "levels" is just a way of not accepting how noob they are.
  7. n3vasc4

    Using GPU/CPU

    So, is recommended to run on x86? Or not?
  8. n3vasc4

    Free insults for my gameplay style

    It happens to me... not to the point of wanting to kick me out (it never happened), but I'm called a hack several times or say my weapon is "bot weapon". I have a good reflex, but I'm not so good at "aim". I'm not patient, my style is more rush. So the type of weapon that most suits me is: LMG. With LMG I have enough ammunition and a good firerate, so I can go up to the opponents without fear of missing ammunition. They do not always like that. I'm open minded for this kind of thing... every weapon is OP and every weapon is bad, it depends more on the player than on the weapon itself. I've seen good marksman players, but if they put that same DMR in my hands, I get negative K/D. I'm not good with DMR and I do not even have the patience to "stand still" (camper). In the same way, I have seen many players with LMG getting negative in the match. In short, everyone plays the way they want, as long as they follow the rules. When they tell me about my LMG, I simply respond: "it's in the game, you can use it."
  9. n3vasc4

    Using GPU/CPU

    I think I can live with loading the map... in matches from the beginning, these seconds of loading the map are only used for capturing points or something like that. The biggest problem is that even after loading the map, the game does not exceed 70 fps (50 ~ 70), having crashes sometimes (often in front of the enemy)... and for some reason the game does not use my hardware properly. Never. Detail: from the middle to the end of the video, it is how the game behaves the rest of the time. It does not get better than that.
  10. n3vasc4

    Using GPU/CPU

    Just for comparison purposes, here is a video I recorded playing GTA V in 2k resolution on my machine. GTA V is not a lightweight game (I think).
  11. n3vasc4

    Using GPU/CPU

    I've never played Arma 3, I do not know how the engine is, but... I have an i5 7500, 8 GB DDR4 memory and a GTX 970 G1 Gaming and the game does not work so well for me, even with everything in the "low ". I made a little video showing how the game starts for me, ignore the noob gameplay (I joined a game in progress, the first match of the day). Look at the percentage of CPU and GPU usage... unlike other games, has not using half of my GPU. Whats wrong?
  12. n3vasc4

    Skill Tree Issue

    250k. Switch = 57k 250.000 - 57.000 = 193.000 Vests level 2 = 200.000 193.000 < 200.000 []'s
  13. n3vasc4

    No EXP/Credit rewarded after match

    Well... related to this I have a bug to report. Sometimes when I enter the penultimate ~ last round of the match and I get in the first places, my character appears as a "guest" (TRG, bald...) in the MVP.
  14. n3vasc4

    Leaderboard update

    Over the weekend I noticed that I was updated upon waking up in the morning. But it did not happen this morning... it's still frozen.
  15. n3vasc4

    How are people level 20+ already?

    So I messed up. I updated the previous message with some information.