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  1. Plz any help any solution support, devs or community!? I am tired of this, just cant play normally. Game crashes no matter mem allocater i use, wich settings I apply, the best it works with default one. I tried to reinstall, to delete Arma3 folder in documents, this happens again and again, lot of bug crashes occures in Xian, but as and during regular gaming on ground.
  2. 0xC0000409 - STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUNno mods, eutw server, i tried to use different molocs - do not help, only crash on different errors report and more often then on tbb4I searched for solution on net, steam and forums, still did not find any to solve this. plz help my specs:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwmdF8xXqYL-RjREYnJPeTV0cms
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    I get the same error without using mods