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    set direcition

    I can only see some getter function but i want to set the player to look at some object (I am trying to do some re-spawn facing commander)
  2. setDir only set witch way is unit facing but for player i want to be able to change if he is looking at ground or sky how do i set "height of sight" ? example: player setDir 160.667 ; may make player look at ground or at the sky thx for any help
  3. Love you! No idea tat could be the problem.. So this code is working great: _veh enableSimulation false; _veh addEventHandler ["GetIn",{ (_this select 0) enableSimulationGlobal true;}]; this code disable all movement of the boat and Handler enable the boat
  4. I need to force bout not to move because i am generating many boats and some of them just swim away. I have tried : doStop _veh; _veh forceSpeed 0; but both unsucesfull I found only one thing witch is preventing boat from moving: _veh enableSimulation false; but this makes player screen black and player is not able to leave the vehicle my fix with eventHandler was not working as well _veh addEventHandler ["GetIn",{ _veh enableSimulation true;}]; Looks like because Event GetIn is not working while : _enableSimulation false; Thx for any help
  5. Vodas3

    Can a function be overloaded

    OK i understood everything but lets say i want to have 2 ways i can put parameters: [codX,codY,codZ,angle] and : [cords,angle] with signle name of function. is this posible ? or again i will need set: [_firstPara,_secondPara,_thirdPara,_fourthPara] if(typeName _firstPara == "ARRAY") then {...
  6. Vodas3

    CH View Distance Addon

    I would shggest you to add grass setting.