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  1. GreenTorn

    Before i download this game.....

    Very informative! Thanks a lot for your point of view in playing Argo. I see there is also Battle Royale gamemode on Argo community servers. Im a real fan of BR games :) it would be cool if Argo expands on BR gamemode and be the first F2P-First person battle royale game. That would surely hit the high charts on Steam.
  2. GreenTorn

    Before i download this game.....

    Hmmmmm... ok fair enough. There are clans in this game, I didn't even know that. This makes things interesting :) Maybe if this game become successful, it may become an MLG sport and have top clans fighting in the tournament for cash prizes.
  3. GreenTorn

    Before i download this game.....

    Woah! Thanks for the responses, did not expect this many. (Have been afk sorry I couldn't reply to you guys) As I see from most of the posts, Hackers seem to exist. Is there BattlEye installed to Argo? It seems to be installed in the Arma series. Sorry i could be mistaking, just want to make sure. I have played Argo when it was in "prototype" phase and back then, Servers were limited to where I come from (Australia), and downloading this game again since its official release on Steam, would i be expecting any more servers dedicated to my region or closer like Asia? By the way, I have joined the Discord server for Argo :)
  4. As i see from the steam charts...I see this: http://steamcharts.com/app/530700 Now 1600 players at peak every 24 hours is not great (i know the game is very new). Is it because of the servers, or not enough advertisement of the game, or simply not full optimized or the steam ratings pretty bad.... idk which one it is, but to anyone who owns the game can you please tell me in somewhat detail of the experience you have got from the game?
  5. GreenTorn

    Feedback Thread

    yeh i realised it just then. Thanks anyways.
  6. GreenTorn

    Feedback Thread

    am i typing the game title wrong on steam? Where is it on steam.
  7. GreenTorn

    SEA/OCEANIA/JAPAN servers?

    Before i download this game, by the way looks awesome! Is there going to be an Asia/Pacific server region coming very soon. I don't like playing on US or EU (lattency issues)