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    Feedback Thread

    If you need other motivation than the game itself, then the game needs improvement.
  2. Aaron Jamison

    Feedback Thread

    I don't understand why every developer feels the need to add metagame. It doesn't make me want to play the game. I don't care about unlocking virtual weapons because they don't hold any value. Its more of a requirement in order to be competitive with the basement dwellers that play 24/7. I just want to come on and have fun. Prior to the update, Argo was about tactics and teamwork, now its about who has what gun unlocked. Also, if you have split servers based on skill level, then you end up with a fractured community like Chiv. Games like Halo became legendary without an annoying unlock system. Please listen to your fans, get rid of this crap unlock system.
  3. The team killing is just out of hand. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Your official servers are impossible to play on. If not moderators, implement simple auto kick scripts.
  4. I prefer to play casually, and have been in a few communities before. The drama/seriousness associated with most communities (even some major popular servers) does not interest me. I also enjoy endgame very much compared to other modes like KOTH, and these are the only populated servers that run it. Thanks for the suggestion though! I still believe that something needs to be done about this issue, regardless. Official servers make it a bit easier for casual players to come on and have fun! On one hand I don't want to have to come on and learn a huge list of rules or deal with admins who want to dictate the way I play the game, but I also don't want to be teamkilled constantly like its the wild west of servers. I think that a simple auto kick/ban script would do the trick.
  5. He just changed his name to "CUCKLORD" if that would help identify him though. I'm fairly certain there are more than one that have been on over the past two weeks though.
  6. It seems as though every day I play endgame, there are always players coming on and just wiping out the whole team. Today, there was even a guy named "Jacks" killing teammates prolifically and spamming gay porn links in the chat. This stuff has to stop! The vote-kick feature does not work because it is extremely difficult to get enough people to vote-kick, and when they do, HE JUST JOINS BACK! A lot of people don't even know where the vote-kick option is (had to explain it to quite a few). The tker's always have a different name too since it is so easy to change. Please implement something similar to project argo that auto-kicks players to have more than two or three team kills, or even something that can ban repeat tkers. Right now, the server is unplayable! Please help!