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  1. Capt. Rigby

    Oakley SI Halo Goggles

    Hands down one of the Best Balaclavas I have ever used. They are now my Primary Balaclavas for Gear Sets and I surely do hope you share more of your content and variations of them in the future.
  2. MOUT EXERCISE A Three-man Fire team of US Special Forces performs an Urban Warfare Exercise on a Mock Environment in San Clemente, CA Mods used: Hiddens: COS, PD Uniforms, RHSUSAF, Road Runner's CAG HK416, CUP Weapons, Nikoaton's Static Animations Pack, PBW, TFR Static Poses, GEARSOC - Phoenix Project, Direone's Combat Poses, Military Gear Pack, Xayhawk's Oakley SI Halo Goggles (Balaclava), SMA, NIArms Core
  3. "Bravo Two - Zero, Standing By" "Hidden and Dangerous" "Typhoon Rising" Addons Used:
  4. Russian SSO deployed on the outskirts of Ukrainian Border, circa Late-September, 2016 Addons used: Chernarus Redux, Project Zenith, VSM Equipment , BAF Equipment, TRYK Multiplay Uniforms, Military Gear Pack, SPR,
  5. US Army Special Forces and USMC Force Recon on War-games Scenarios at a Harbor in Georgetown, Tanoa Mods used: Project Zenith, VSM, 75th Ranger Regiment, Sakuraba's French GCP, ORC DEVRGU Gear & Equipment pack, DIREONE's Combat poses pack, TAC Vests, Road Runner's CAG M4A1, Firewill's Pile & Crew Pack
  6. I'm loving these outstanding animations. I've been keeping a constant watch for new animations for quite a long time because I don't know how to animate or pose. Since you've taken some inspiration from a model of a clone trooper, I think you'd be interested in making an animation out of a model of this as well: Keep up the excellent work! I'll be sure to keep my eyes on your animations and looking forward to use them in Screenshots :D
  7. USSOC CBRN Investigating an Incident near the coast of Chernarus Addons used: Chernarus Redux, SMA, Tier 1 Gear Pack, Hidden Identity V3, Zee Identity Pack, DEVGRU Gear & Equipment Pack
  8. Finally a Headgear that is perfectly compatible with Gas Masks, Thanks for the quality helmet!
  9. Jungle Rats Addons used: IdentiZee, Hidden Identity Pack V3, Complimentary Police Equipments, DIREONE's Combat poses pack, VSM Accessory Pack, TRYK's Multiplay uniforms, Acadas' Military Gear Pack, US Military Mod, KA Weapons Pack, 3CF BAF, Sakuraba's British SAS Equipment. Tropical Bears Addons used: Voodoo's Gear, DIREONE's Combat poses pack, 2035: Russian Armed Forces, RHS (AFRF), Special Divisions of Russia, VSM Uniforms and Accessory Pack, Acadas' Military Gear Pack, Sakuraba's French GCP Running Late Addons used: IdentiZee, Hidden Identity Pack V3, GEARSOC, Voodoo's Gear, Complimentary Police Equipments, Hawaiian's 75th Ranger Regiment, DIREONE's Combat poses pack, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack, CUP Vehicles, wsxcgy's Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures, Massi's Middle East Warfare, VSM Uniforms and Accessory Pack, Royal116's Custom RHS Textures, Acadas' Military Gear Pack, US Military Mod, SMA Map Used on all images: Prei Khmaoch Luong
  10. Nighthawks - addons used: Chernarus, Vanschmoozin's VSM Uniforms, Acadas' Military Gear Pack, Cunico's Hidden Identity Pack v3, Direone's Combat Poses, TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms Hidden and Dangerous - addons used: Chernarus, CUP Weapons Morning Stroll - addons used: Chernarus, CUP Weapons, 3CB's BAF Weapons, SMA, Acadas's Military Gear Pack, Vanschmoozin's VSM Accessories, wscgy's Extra RHS Uniform Retex, Jarrad96's Australian 2nd Commando and NZ SAS mod (M4A1 on the right), Sakuraba's UK SAS Equipments and French GCP, Direone's Relax Poses
  11. Capt. Rigby

    Hidden Identity v3

    Correctomundo. Probably either usinmg a specific helmet or find a base helmet to generally fit with all helmets, with the former being simpler than the latter.
  12. Capt. Rigby

    Hidden Identity v3

    Just a minor visual thing that caught my eye. Balaclavas that I have on that aren't classified as facewear seems to clip through the Veil's Top section and a tad bit on the nose as well. Though I found a very suitable alternative to balaclavas in the form of Shemagh Facewraps that I still had on Cunico's Older Versions of Hidden Identity Packs Its not really a big thing so its just giving a heads up to people who wants to use face masks under the veil PMed the link.
  13. Capt. Rigby

    Hidden Identity v3

    Awesome accessories! Digging the veil so far, reminded me of the Danish SF photo.