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    Squad name: MARSOC 2nd Marine Raider Battalion Timezone/location : CST/CDT USA Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): CoOp Contact email: TS - ts3.marsoc.net Website address: marsoc.net Short description: Started in 2015, we strive to be a premier milsim unit. Providing training, structure, professionalism, campaign level missions and a level of camaraderie that makes for fun. We have and have had many active and prior service veterans. If milsim is for you, come check us out. Language: English
  2. L. Jessee

    BMR Insurgency

    Good day Jigsor... i downloaded your latest rev 1.48 of Insurgency, eager to try it out. For some reason it is not working. It loads on the dedicated server and says started. But nobody can get into it. You never reach the lobby. It just hangs. Our dedicated server has the latest Arma 3 v1.80. Have you heard of this? Do you have any suggestions? We were running v1.47, then when Arma updated to v1.80 the Insurgency v1.47 started doing this same problem. I was hopeing v1.48 would resolve this. To be sure it was not a server thing I checked, and Patrol Ops 4 and Liberation both run just fine. Thank you ahead of time for any suggestions that you might be able to provide.
  3. L. Jessee

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    aviatormoser, I installed this script to use static list. With the default units you had in there of RHS and vanilla units. It was working. When I edited the recruitable_units_static.sqf with the Unsung 3.0E units that I wanted, the recruit UI had a blank list. Is there any issue with using Unsung and this script that you know of? Could you test? Any solution would be awesome. Thank you sir. bon_recruit_recruitableunits = [ "uns_men_USMC_68_AT", "uns_men_USMC_68_MED", "uns_men_USMC_68_DEM", "uns_men_USMC_68_ENG", "uns_men_USMC_68_GL", "uns_men_USMC_68_TRI", "uns_men_USMC_68_HMG", "uns_men_USMC_68_AHMG", "uns_men_USMC_68_MRK", "uns_men_USMC_68_MRK2", "uns_men_USMC_68_MGAASG", "uns_men_USMC_68_MGSG", "uns_men_USMC_68_MGSG2", "uns_men_USMC_68_MGSG3", "uns_men_USMC_68_MTSG", "uns_men_USMC_68_SL", "uns_men_USMC_68_RF1", "uns_men_USMC_68_RF2", "uns_men_USMC_68_RF3", "uns_men_USMC_68_RF4", "uns_men_USMC_68_RF5", "uns_men_USMC_68_RF6", "uns_men_USMC_68_RTO", "uns_men_USMC_68_SAP", "uns_men_USMC_68_SCT", ];
  4. I am using build 1.6.92, Creating a new profile, under Addon Options, i click the blue plus sign to Add a new addon search directory and the program just closes. So I cannot add an alternate search folder outside of the Arma 3 folder. The program has updated twice since i created a new profile, so I assume that this is new with the last update. Any help? Has anyone else seen this or have this same problem?
  5. Hmmm.. the Greyhawk is a UAV (UNMANNED Autonomous Vehicle). It doesn't have a pilot or a gunner.
  6. L. Jessee

    Eden Editor Drop Down Bug

    Hmm.. I was trying to make a Stick Fence pen for some sheep. But the sheep would walk right through the fence and wander away. I found that when I checked the Simple Object box in the Stick Fence attributes they could no longer walk through the fence. I am wondering now how do I accomplish this now that the check box option is not there.
  7. L. Jessee

    Eden Editor Drop Down Bug

    I just noticed with the 1.70 update that in the Attributes window the Simple Object check box is no longer there. That was under Object: Special States. I used this, for example: the Stick Fence so that I could make a pen for sheep that could not pass through. Was this removed? Is there another way to do this I am unaware of?