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  1. I second this, this camera mod gives ArmA a new feel, fantastic for recording purposes but would love to see it updated for regular gameplay. I'll be keeping an eye on this mod, this has awesome potential.
  2. Ryan807

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Dumb question, is there any way to enable third person gunner cross-hairs on the M1 Abrams? I've been trying to find a way to enable cross-hairs but I'm not having any luck. Reason I'm asking is that I'm making a world of tanks like scenario where you mostly play third person save for scoped aiming.
  3. I'm a simple man, I see Ace Combat, I like it. But really, awesome job on your release Firewill! You excited for the new Ace Combat coming out?
  4. I'm probably just overlooking something, but do I just need to copy and paste the jet's init code into the expression line of the 3DEN vehicle respawn module? If so, I've tried that and when the jets respawn on deck, they respawn as normal but without their wings folded and dont have the action menu prompt for loadout editing. Is there a special format I need to adhere to? *EDIT* I'm an idiot, I needed to add in (_this select 0) to the expression field before I could paste in the actual init code. so now the jets respawn properly on deck with their wings folded and are able to have their weapon pylons be edited.
  5. Ryan807

    ruPal Weapon Holding

    Hey ruPal, is there any way you can redo the animation for the APEX SPAR series? The holding of the weapon by the magazine is simply atrocious.
  6. Question, how would I able to carry this script into a respawned black wasp. this addAction["<t color='#f9ff03'>Edit Payload</t>", {[vehicle player,"PILOT"] call GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadout}, nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "true", 1, false, ""]; Meaning that, when the first aircraft is destroyed, the one that spawns after it does not inherit the script. how would i go about solving this problem?
  7. Thank you for pointing me to resource base, the scripts worked like a charm. Although I'm still stumped on the wing folding respawn bit. What I'm looking for at the moment is a way to respawn the black wasp with it's wing already folded. Here's what i have in the Init box for the black wasp, this animate ["wing_fold_l",1]; this animate ["wing_fold_r",1]; /\This being the script for the wings to be folded at the start of the scenario, /\ this addAction["<t color='#f9ff03'>Edit Payload</t>", {[vehicle player,"PILOT"] call GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadout}, nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "true", 1, false, ""]; /\This script being Grump Old Man's aircraft loadout editing script, pretty damn awesome script, you should check out its release thread./\ What I need is a way to get both of these scripts to be present on any aircraft that have respawned after the one present at the start of the scenario.
  8. New question, so i got the aircraft to respawn on deck just fine, how do i make them respawn with their wings folded? Still using BI's Black Wasp.
  9. I've copied the code above and pasted it into the init line of my black wasp but no luck, I've copied and pasted the scripts folder and description.ext into my mission file, but when I try to edit the load out i get an error. this addAction["<t color='#f9ff03'>Edit Payload</t>", {[vehicle player,"PILOT"] call GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadout}, nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "true", 1, false, ""]; /\Code that I pasted into init line of black wasp./\ the error I receive is this, [vehicle player,"PILOT"] call |#|GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadout Error Undefined variable in expression: gom_fnc_addaircraftloadout I know jack squat about scripting so I have no clue what to do. If you anyone has a solution, please keep it simple, I'm a bit of an idiot. *EDIT* It turned out that i forgot to paste the ammo truck script into to init of the CVN-83, that's what was causing the problem. i've fixed the issue and now have a more adaptable air wing.
  10. Alright after looking into the sample mission and following Fletcher's instructions, I managed to create a working respawn in the CVN-83's bridge. It turned out that I was an idiot and forgot to designate the check box indicating players can choose the spawn point in attributes. Only problem I had was putting a point down next to the ready five. I would respawn normally but i would be put below the flight deck on one of the starboard observation areas not normally accessible. I'm guessing that BI took the same approach to constructing the Freedom like the Nimitz, which means that there are invisible cracks in the structure. Other than that, its a success so thanks you guys, I would have lost my mind trying to find a way. P.S. TeTeT, do you have any plans to improve upon the Freedom in the future or will you stay dedicated to the Nimitz and aircraft development?
  11. Okay stupid question, how do I import the mission into the editor? I cant seem to find a way how to view it in 3DEN.
  12. Alright, I'll have a look at the mission. I'll get back after poking around and scratching my head for a bit. Thanks Ryan807
  13. Hello fellow naval aviators, I'll get right to the point so you wont need to skim through a wall of text, so let us begin. With the addition of the USS Freedom CVN-83, I began creating a multiplayer mission centered around carrier ops, the idea being that you launch and complete several objectives in a random order, sort of like the "Pilot" series on the steam workshop. Of course to have a workable multiplayer mission, you need respawns, I only have a very basic knowledge of the 3DEN editor and even less for scripting, I would like to know if anyone could at least provide any sort of way to make a working respawn on the CVN-83? I'm not a scripting god like norrin, so I might need any explanation to be broken down into baby terms. Thanks, Ryan807 32nd Tactical squadron "Hellhounds"