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  1. FoxtrotF

    New carrier

    Stack with this "BIS_fnc_Carrier01Init". Made my script to catapult wingmate plane. But can't figure out, "BIS_fnc_Carrier01Init" is it automatically called when placing Carrier in the editor?
  2. Sorry, I'm idiot, I'm using _animLoop twice in the code, two hours I tried to figure this out :lol
  3. I tried different variations with params, and all of them, outputing "_animLoop" as string and it content is "acts_millerChopper_loop" params [["_obj", player, [objNull]], ["_animNames", ["acts_millerChooper_in", "acts_millerChooper_loop", "acts_millerChooper_out"], [[""]], 3], ["_animDurations", [03.966, 23.10, 03.599], [[0]], 3], "_animLoop" ];
  4. How to parse the fourth one, boolean?
  5. Hello guys! Stuck with params, could please give some help. I'm trying to parse this arguments: _msg = [player, ["acts_millerChooper_in", "acts_millerChooper_loop", "acts_millerChooper_out"], [03.966, 23.10, 03.599], false] spawn YMAN_Anim_fnc_transitionLoopSeq; Using this: params [["_obj", player, [objNull]], ["_animNames", ["acts_millerChooper_in", "acts_millerChooper_loop", "acts_millerChooper_out"], [[""]], 3], ["_animDurations", [03.966, 23.10, 03.599], [[0]], 3] ]; _animLoop = param [3, false, [true]]; _animNames params ["_animIn", "_animLoop", "_animOut"]; _animDurations params ["_durIn", "_durLoop", "_durOut"]; it works with the first 3, but not for the bool _animLoop, what I'm doing wrong? I tried to parse _animLoop inside params instead of param, but it not working and outputs _animsDone as "acts_millerChopper_loop".
  6. Sure, totally missed this text attribute 😄 Thanks!
  7. Hello! Please, Need some help, how to play just voice in conversations? I mean, I have oggs, lip sync, stringtable, cfgSentences, bkib's and using BIS_fnc_kbTell to play all this stuff, and it's working, BUT, how to mute text in chat? so only voice is played (I want to implement custom subtitles script). Any efficient way to disable chat, and then may be re-enable it?
  8. FoxtrotF

    Arma3 Videos

    My first Arma 3 and Youtube Video :D
  9. FoxtrotF

    What's wrong with Triggers

    Thank you guys for the reply! I figured this strange issue, one of the heli unit was with 0 health on init, but this was not the case, after files verification everything seems to be ok and behave as usual.
  10. Hello guys, I experience wired problems with trigger lost about ~2 hours, and unable to figure out what is wrong I'm placing 10x10 trigger /Anybody / Present Condition: (player in thisList) || (heli_1 in thisList) || (heli_4 in thisList) On Activation, no matter what on activation hint "trigger area" or play "Car Alarm" sound effect, nothing happens when I'm entering trigger area with a player. It tends to work more or less correctly if I leave just (player in thisList) in condition, I didn't have any problem with such conditions in past, also seems that activation / present none / none absolutely not working in any circumstances.
  11. Here's the quote from Killzone_Kid blog post "As you know, when you use UAV, you can open terminal and have video from gunner and pilot camera streamed directly to it. Unfortunately this is hardcoded engine functionality and there is no direct way of tapping into these video feeds.".
  12. Hello! Please could someone explain in general how to animate an unit? I mean I understand functions, timings etc, but how to implement movement of the unit? For example, unit idiling for some time then some condition occur and start walking from point A to point B, and on point B unit starting to repair? How to implement walking to specific point B with precision?
  13. FoxtrotF

    Helicopter and Waypoints

    Thank you you guys so much for the help! Very appreciated!
  14. Check this one https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPiPEffect And this one, but it's not so trivial to implement http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-uav-r2t-and-pip/
  15. FoxtrotF

    Helicopter and Waypoints

    Thank you for the reply. AI Group keep siting in the heli, no matter what I do, but with both AI, they work as should.