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  1. Thank you so much! This little feature is awesome for cinematic and unitPlay!
  2. Hello guys, please really need help. How to turn "Sprayer On" which is heli action menu, of civil MI-2R, but via script? I looked in CfgVehicles, but was unable to find..
  3. FoxtrotF

    groupId Question

    Thank you, very appreciate!
  4. FoxtrotF

    groupId Question

    My Implementation of the assoc. array uses "string_key"-> [value or any_object], then I'm using just string_key to retrieve the value, but key should be the unique string, not object. Code is spread across different functions and fsm states, but mainly in event handlers, for example to register when members of the group fire, so my idea was to store it in lightweight assoc. array via key as "unique_group_callsign" and "boolean, coordinates" as the value, for example to send nearest SAD patrol. Without need to worry about duplicating group objects, as array deals with it and stores only the recent one. But now I guees, I need rethink and work around this problem.
  5. FoxtrotF

    groupId Question

    Because need it to store unique string id of the group in assoc. array, but may be will continue to search how to identify the group w/o using it global variable or callsign.
  6. Hello Guys! Is it possible to refer to group via group callsign? I mean I have something like this: _grpCallsign = (groupId (group _unit)); How to refer to the group from _grpCallsign? Or only through traversing and searching across allGroups?
  7. FoxtrotF

    How to Load SQM File?

    Oh, ok, I see, Thanks! Then via traversing the layers I will be able to manipulate sqm content. I will use it as a common stuff which will be shared through multiple campaign missions files.
  8. Hello Guys! Could someone please explain, how to load missions sqm dynamically? In Oldman, BIS have a lot of different sqm in separate folders, for example "C_Cache.Tanoa" with all caches in separate sqm. What the mechanism is used to load it on the fly?
  9. FoxtrotF

    Does "Show/Hide" help FPS?

    You can save for example whole group with WPs, etc, or static objects as a composition, it will be saved in your documents\Arma 3\compositions and then using something like this for spawning, or using eden layers to hide/spawn etc.
  10. FoxtrotF

    Array of Waypoints

    Ok, I see, Thanks Dedmen!
  11. FoxtrotF

    Does "Show/Hide" help FPS?

    Did you try Dynamic Simulation or Modules\Simulation Manager to quick test? Also, if you have large amount of props you can turn them to "Simple Object", or on almost all of them "Dynamic Simulation" can be switched on(if they are not crucial to the mission), so the even collisions will not be count.
  12. Hello! Is it possible to assign array of WP's to the group? I mean, if I'm using waypoints to copy WP's to array: _wpPatrol_1 = waypoints group_01; How can I assign this array to the group later on, or I have to iterate through it and add wp one by one?
  13. layers are great you can turn/show/hide units on specific layers with script in mission later. something like compositions which you can also save in file and spawn them later dynamically.
  14. Could someone please explain, how this "spaghetti desc" suppose to work? if you read the article https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dynamic_Simulation for example it says that: But if you read wiki for this function it says, that So which one is correct? Another problem is that "activationCategory setDynamicSimulationDistance distance" is not working at all, I mean it's works, you can set/get values, BUT, it's not affecting any units at all, I lost around 2 hrs, just to figure, that this stuff is not working. It's work only when you set the initial values in Editor. Edit: Understood, first, setDynamicSimulationDistance will not have effect if the player is already in range, and second it will not override initial values which were set via Editor-Attributes-Perfomance, for the first time. In other words it will be working with initial values, and if you set the new values via setDynamicSimulationDistance it will only take effect after you already was close enough to the entities, play and stop them, and then moved/teleported away and get back again in new setDynamicSimulationDistance range.
  15. FoxtrotF

    Old Man Skip Time

    It is possible, to include an Old Man Systems via description.ext file #include "\a3\Missions_F_Oldman\Systems\commonDescription.inc" Then Just to drag and drop Old Man Init Module (Systems->Old Man->Old Man Init) for the basic initialization After that even phone app start to appear in map section, but all the buttons are disabled, you can even put "Tracked Device" module and sync it with an object, so the geo-app in phone should start to beep when you are in proximity of the object, But I didn't found way how to add this app, in Old Man scripts they extensively using player setVariable ["BIS_CanHaveTrackingDevice", true]; player setVariable ["BIS_hasTrackingDevice", true]; ["Detector", true] call BIS_fnc_OM_phone_enableButton; in fsms and sqf files, but I did not found a way how to init phone app, time spiking and sleeping is also in Alarm section of this phone app, but again icon is inactive. May be someone found a way how to init this stuff, may be some clues or advises?