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  1. FoxtrotF

    Does "Show/Hide" help FPS?

    You can save for example whole group with WPs, etc, or static objects as a composition, it will be saved in your documents\Arma 3\compositions and then using something like this for spawning, or using eden layers to hide/spawn etc.
  2. FoxtrotF

    Array of Waypoints

    Ok, I see, Thanks Dedmen!
  3. FoxtrotF

    Does "Show/Hide" help FPS?

    Did you try Dynamic Simulation or Modules\Simulation Manager to quick test? Also, if you have large amount of props you can turn them to "Simple Object", or on almost all of them "Dynamic Simulation" can be switched on(if they are not crucial to the mission), so the even collisions will not be count.
  4. Hello! Is it possible to assign array of WP's to the group? I mean, if I'm using waypoints to copy WP's to array: _wpPatrol_1 = waypoints group_01; How can I assign this array to the group later on, or I have to iterate through it and add wp one by one?
  5. layers are great you can turn/show/hide units on specific layers with script in mission later. something like compositions which you can also save in file and spawn them later dynamically.
  6. Could someone please explain, how this "spaghetti desc" suppose to work? if you read the article https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dynamic_Simulation for example it says that: But if you read wiki for this function it says, that So which one is correct? Another problem is that "activationCategory setDynamicSimulationDistance distance" is not working at all, I mean it's works, you can set/get values, BUT, it's not affecting any units at all, I lost around 2 hrs, just to figure, that this stuff is not working. It's work only when you set the initial values in Editor. Edit: Understood, first, setDynamicSimulationDistance will not have effect if the player is already in range, and second it will not override initial values which were set via Editor-Attributes-Perfomance, for the first time. In other words it will be working with initial values, and if you set the new values via setDynamicSimulationDistance it will only take effect after you already was close enough to the entities, play and stop them, and then moved/teleported away and get back again in new setDynamicSimulationDistance range.
  7. FoxtrotF

    Old Man Skip Time

    It is possible, to include an Old Man Systems via description.ext file #include "\a3\Missions_F_Oldman\Systems\commonDescription.inc" Then Just to drag and drop Old Man Init Module (Systems->Old Man->Old Man Init) for the basic initialization After that even phone app start to appear in map section, but all the buttons are disabled, you can even put "Tracked Device" module and sync it with an object, so the geo-app in phone should start to beep when you are in proximity of the object, But I didn't found way how to add this app, in Old Man scripts they extensively using player setVariable ["BIS_CanHaveTrackingDevice", true]; player setVariable ["BIS_hasTrackingDevice", true]; ["Detector", true] call BIS_fnc_OM_phone_enableButton; in fsms and sqf files, but I did not found a way how to init phone app, time spiking and sleeping is also in Alarm section of this phone app, but again icon is inactive. May be someone found a way how to init this stuff, may be some clues or advises?
  8. FoxtrotF

    Ai planes

    I made a scripted animation for the intro, with plane(dc-3 with mod, if I remember correctly) flies over Tanoa and chatting with ATC, requesting permission to land, then it has one engine out, continues to fly and requesting assistance with funny chatting, after some time the second engine is also out, and plane crashing with pilot screaming sos... BUT this Arma, so the path of the plane was prerecorded and played with unitPlay, pilot was spawned at distant island, so no one can see him, and de spawned after the crash, engine out was the particles and smoke manually attached to the engine, oh another version was using "0 fuel in tanks", so the plane start to fall, but this version was so unpredictable... The point here is to cheat and trick, and make an illusion that something is happens.
  9. Hello! Just recently returned to Arma 3 and scripting, after almost a 1 year break. Started Old Man scenario, and was pretty enjoy it, great work, noted great time skip and sleeping mechanics, anyway it could be used as standalone? Look through https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Old_Man_Systems and did not find any mention about it, "missions_f_oldman.pbo" is pretty huge to traverse, may be there is already standalone version existed? to use just this functionality?
  10. FoxtrotF

    New carrier

    Stack with this "BIS_fnc_Carrier01Init". Made my script to catapult wingmate plane. But can't figure out, "BIS_fnc_Carrier01Init" is it automatically called when placing Carrier in the editor?
  11. Sorry, I'm idiot, I'm using _animLoop twice in the code, two hours I tried to figure this out :lol
  12. I tried different variations with params, and all of them, outputing "_animLoop" as string and it content is "acts_millerChopper_loop" params [["_obj", player, [objNull]], ["_animNames", ["acts_millerChooper_in", "acts_millerChooper_loop", "acts_millerChooper_out"], [[""]], 3], ["_animDurations", [03.966, 23.10, 03.599], [[0]], 3], "_animLoop" ];
  13. How to parse the fourth one, boolean?
  14. Hello guys! Stuck with params, could please give some help. I'm trying to parse this arguments: _msg = [player, ["acts_millerChooper_in", "acts_millerChooper_loop", "acts_millerChooper_out"], [03.966, 23.10, 03.599], false] spawn YMAN_Anim_fnc_transitionLoopSeq; Using this: params [["_obj", player, [objNull]], ["_animNames", ["acts_millerChooper_in", "acts_millerChooper_loop", "acts_millerChooper_out"], [[""]], 3], ["_animDurations", [03.966, 23.10, 03.599], [[0]], 3] ]; _animLoop = param [3, false, [true]]; _animNames params ["_animIn", "_animLoop", "_animOut"]; _animDurations params ["_durIn", "_durLoop", "_durOut"]; it works with the first 3, but not for the bool _animLoop, what I'm doing wrong? I tried to parse _animLoop inside params instead of param, but it not working and outputs _animsDone as "acts_millerChopper_loop".
  15. Sure, totally missed this text attribute 😄 Thanks!