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What is wrong with Dynamic Simulation?

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Could someone please explain, how this "spaghetti desc" suppose to work?

if you read the article https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dynamic_Simulation

for example it says that:


object/group enableDynamicSimulation bool
Adds/Removes object or group to/from Dynamic Simulation system.


But if you read wiki for this function it says, that


Enables or disables Arma_3_Dynamic_Simulation for given non AI object


So which one is correct?

Another problem is that  "activationCategory setDynamicSimulationDistance distance" is not working at all, I mean it's works, you can set/get values, BUT, it's not affecting any units at all, I lost around 2 hrs, just to figure, that this stuff is not working. It's work only when you set the initial values in Editor.


Edit: Understood, first, setDynamicSimulationDistance will not have effect if the player is already in range, and second it will not override initial values which were set via Editor-Attributes-Perfomance, for the first time. In other words it will be working with initial values, and if you set the new values via setDynamicSimulationDistance it will only take effect after you already was close enough to the entities, play and stop them, and then moved/teleported away and get back again in new setDynamicSimulationDistance range.

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