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  1. this && thisList findIf {_x isKindOf "CAManBase" && !(count weapons _x isEqualTo 0)} > -1 Your command worked thank you bro 😉 !
  2. Hi guys, thank you for your help 😉 So what i really write in condition, on activation ?
  3. Hi and thank you for your help 😉 I want to set difficulty not for AI, but to remove killing message and crosshair, is it the same way ?
  4. Hi everybody, Do you know how can i set difficulty on a serveur that i host directly through my game ? (not dedicated server, when i mean host through my game, i mean : i launch the game, i go to Multiplayer, then Host, and i start my serveur) thank your for your help 😉
  5. Hi everybody, Sometimes im hosting PVP server, and i would remove the kill/death sitrep message on the down left, when some is killed by another one Is this possible ? Thank you for your help ;)
  6. Thank you for your help guys ;) Here you can find my screenshot of my trigger configuration
  7. Yeah bro, nothing happens when i get inside the trigger :/ and i configured it well :/ When i get inside, my weapons are not removed :'(
  8. Thank you so much Georges, it works perfecly ;)
  9. Hi everybody, I tried to make removing weapon trigger but it doesnt work ... My goal is simple : when an independant enter inside a trigger named "TR1", all of his weapons are removed I want to make a firerange with auto-weapon control system By advance, thank tou guys
  10. Hi everybody ! Im trying to make reserved slots, but even if i tried this script or others it doesnt work Can someone help me about this ? someone do have a reserved slot complete script working ? Thank you guys for you help ALPHIVE
  11. Hi everybody, To make autorepeat say3D, i use this command : nul = [this] spawn {while {true} do {(_this select 0) say3D "ALARM"; sleep 12;};}; Every 12 second, the sound ALARM is played. But how can i do, to make this sound hearable by all players on my server and, how i must do to set a distance to this sound ? I want that the sound ALARM : -repeat each 12 seconds -can be listened at 40 meters maximum -Can be listened by players on my server (remote exec ?) If you have a code line for this, thank you by advance guys ;)
  12. Everything work perfectly, thank you all of you guys !