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  1. this && thisList findIf {_x isKindOf "CAManBase" && !(count weapons _x isEqualTo 0)} > -1 Your command worked thank you bro 😉 !
  2. Hi everybody, I tried to make removing weapon trigger but it doesnt work ... My goal is simple : when an independant enter inside a trigger named "TR1", all of his weapons are removed I want to make a firerange with auto-weapon control system By advance, thank tou guys
  3. Hi guys, thank you for your help 😉 So what i really write in condition, on activation ?
  4. Hi everybody, Do you know how can i set difficulty on a serveur that i host directly through my game ? (not dedicated server, when i mean host through my game, i mean : i launch the game, i go to Multiplayer, then Host, and i start my serveur) thank your for your help 😉
  5. Hi and thank you for your help 😉 I want to set difficulty not for AI, but to remove killing message and crosshair, is it the same way ?
  6. Hi everybody, Sometimes im hosting PVP server, and i would remove the kill/death sitrep message on the down left, when some is killed by another one Is this possible ? Thank you for your help ;)
  7. Thank you for your help guys ;) Here you can find my screenshot of my trigger configuration
  8. Yeah bro, nothing happens when i get inside the trigger :/ and i configured it well :/ When i get inside, my weapons are not removed :'(
  9. Thank you so much Georges, it works perfecly ;)
  10. Hi everybody ! Im trying to make reserved slots, but even if i tried this script or others it doesnt work Can someone help me about this ? someone do have a reserved slot complete script working ? Thank you guys for you help ALPHIVE
  11. Hi everybody, To make autorepeat say3D, i use this command : nul = [this] spawn {while {true} do {(_this select 0) say3D "ALARM"; sleep 12;};}; Every 12 second, the sound ALARM is played. But how can i do, to make this sound hearable by all players on my server and, how i must do to set a distance to this sound ? I want that the sound ALARM : -repeat each 12 seconds -can be listened at 40 meters maximum -Can be listened by players on my server (remote exec ?) If you have a code line for this, thank you by advance guys ;)
  12. Hi everybody, I tried everyything but no one worked :'( ... I want, when i push "Activate alarm" on my computer, that everybody in my base heard the alarm I use actually this command alarmFB2 say3D ["Sirenair", 1500, 1]; in alarm1.sqf, and in my mission i call this script through this addAction["Activate Alarm", "scripts\alarm1.sqf"]; (that i placed on INIT in a computer) But when my server is up, im the only one who heard it ... So my question is : is there a way for players on my server heard my say3D when i activate through call to action ? Is there a command i miss ? Thank you for you help guys
  13. Everything work perfectly, thank you all of you guys !
  14. Really, thank you for your precious help 😄 (i placed the missing parenthesis) The command worked perfectly and players on my servers listened the alarm 🙂 i will try your synchro say3D script ! 😄 Beside this, im really happy to see someone that takes time to explain clearly like that
  15. Neo i got an error when i place this on INIT box of my computer : And, based on this command, if i want activate the song on severals objects in same time, how can i do ? (for exemple i want activate alarm on "AlarmFB2", "AlarmFB3" and "AlarmFB4" objects)
  16. I will try that thank you for your help guys !
  17. Hi George, do i place this in my SQF file "alarm1.sqf" ? Or just after addaction ?
  18. Salut Legcs ahahah
  19. Hi everybody ! :D Im glad to show you here after some months of development the 0.3 version of ARMA H HOUR ! Link : http://www.moddb.com/mods/arma-h-hour Link to photos : http://www.moddb.com/mods/arma-h-hour/images Link to download : http://www.moddb.com/mods/arma-h-hour/downloads What is ARMA H HOUR ? This mod has for goal to reproduce the universe of Arma 3, already close to C&C Generals realist universe. Play and see the Arma 3 game from another angle of view with this mod that can complete the background of Arma 3 licence. What do i need to play this mod ? You need Command & Conquer Generals and Command & Conquer Zero Hour installed on your computer. Then, download the mod and install in the game directory (generally its C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Zero Hour. Start the game and enjoy ! PS : you can find the game here its a fan website : https://command-conquer-hq.wixsite.com/cachq Is there a storyline ? Yes there is but it will be deployed after the modding phase done. Story : We are one month after the earthquake of Altis and the global assault of CSAT forces on Altis. After have got informations from Kerry, that could escape of Altis by chopper, NATO decides to send the Foxhound Strike Force (FSF), that is the main operationnal division of NATO in southern europe area, to retaliate and take back the two islands of Altis and Stratis. Their objectives are simples : capture all facilities that can contain the new earthquake bomb prototype, take back strategic bases and neutralize CSAT Forces. "We have to do this, for all Aegis Task Force members" Features in game Factions -NATO - Foxhound Strike Force (FSF) / BLUFOR -UN - International Development & Aid Project (IDAP) / BLUFOR -CSAT - Harpass Battlegroup (17HB) / REDFOR -AAF - Liberation Group of Sporades Thraces (LGST) / GREENFOR Their Goals -FSF : Strategic force sent to take back Stratis and Altis -IDAP : Special group sent to protect and help population -17HB : Special battalion of CSAT Forces that has for goal to keep Altis and Stratis -LGST : rebels from Altis population that can be hostile or friendly, depending to their interests Ingame modifications The goal of the mod is to have the most objects replicated from the original Arma 3 game. In the beginning, the more stable features will be NATO/CSAT/GUERILLA/CIVILIAN buildings. In a second time, units will be edited to be closer to Arma 3. However obviously, like Arma 3 do not have "C&C compatible" buildings in its gameplay (i mean Strategic Center, War Complex, etc...), all forces buildings will be remade to match with the A3 environnement, even if its not in A3 game. As you can see on picture, a big work will be done on civilian building to reproduce military and civilian structures, to make the mod immersive, to make you play Arma 3 with another vision, another dimension. Maps : welcome to stratis ! We want to reproduce Arma 3 with this mod, by the way, we will obviously rebuild by our hands Stratis and Altis island. Stratis will probably will be one map only but, Altis is pretty big and risk to not fit on map. That is why we risk to split the maps in some parts obviously playable in solo and multi. Do not hesitate to ask questions ;) the mod is not finished at all but a lot of features are already implanted, according to the photos you can see on Moddb ;) If people want to help me to dev the mod (making reproductions of stratis/altis, etc.. or make buildings/units.) it would be a pleasure !
  20. Aaah fuck sorry bro i posted there but yeah maybe its not the good place :( Moderators can move i didnt know where to place the thread Glad you like it ! :D
  21. Hi dev team and hi everybody :) MiniDayZ is just absolutely awesome, im extremely fan of ARMA and DayZ licence and when i travel abroad i would love to able to play on my computer to Mini DayZ, and i know im not alone to think this. Play on phone is boring sometimes and i prefers much more play at Mini DayZ on computer. So guys, is it possible to have OFFLINE version of the game that you can INSTALL on your computer, to play when we are travelling of anything other ? It would just so awesome to see you release installer version ... Thank you dev team !