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  1. Whatevername

    Removing Units from ARMA Profile!

    Where is the OPTION to remove/delete a Unite from Arma3 profile launcher!?
  2. Whatevername

    ArmA Unit Suspension

    bohemia has dumped this website and all Units support.
  3. Whatevername

    unable to leave own unit

    bohemia has dumped this website and all Units support.
  4. Whatevername

    Over 4k hrs on ArmA II & III and..........

    Ok, So basically I have been playing on junk servers all these times... I finally got it. Thank you for your time and very quick answer.
  5. Hi, I have been playing ARMA II and ARMA III since they first came out, purchase APEX within its release week. Some would say I am an Armalcoholic with over 4k hours... A couple of years ago, I spoke to a lots of people like developers, ArmA Pros, ArmA geeks... you name it, asking all of them the same question: What's is going on with the faraway view +1.5km, 2km and the scenery being detached from the ground? Player running off the ground? All answered "it's the way it is for now" , "it might be fixed one day..." At that time, I was using a Radeon serie 9000, x6 multi screen option. I purchase a GTX1070 last winter, and I'd like to know if there is a way to stop having these boulders, housing and players showing themselves off the ground, like suspended in the air... (I have tried countless setting options in game, off game, Win7, NVIDIA) Thank you very much for your inputs.