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  1. allnamesaretakendammit

    [PVP] Manhunt (4 vs 40 (!))

    Updated the mission. The download link has been updated in the OP. Changelog v 1.1: Removed the NVGs from the OPFOR units. Replaced them with a searchlight script on their respective vehicles.
  2. allnamesaretakendammit

    [PVP] Manhunt (4 vs 40 (!))

    Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce that my very first MP mission is complete. I'm uploading it exclusively here on the forums so I (hopefully) can get some feedback from more seasoned players and mission makers. Before I begin describing it, here are the dependencies: CBA CUP Core CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Terrains (takes place on Altis, but uses Arma 2 objects) NIArms Core NIArms MP5 pack TRYK's Uniform Pack About "Manhunt" takes place during the nighttime (the daytime pictures in this post is just to better illustrate what the units look like). A team of up to 4 BLUFOR equipped with silenced weapons and NVGs are dispatched to battle up to 40 OPFOR units with mere flashlights. BLUFOR can choose to either survive for 60 minutes "gathering intel about the area", or complete a side quest involving the destruction of an asset to end the mission. OPFOR squads must decide whether they shall defend the asset or go manhunting. If all BLUFOR units are killed, OPFOR wins. If time (60 minutes) runs out or the asset is destroyed, BLUFOR wins. > BLUFOR's side quest is to destroy this anti-air radar. OPFOR's side quest is to (unsurprisingly) protect it. BLUFOR: BLUFOR consists of 4 player slots, each with different attributes: The UAV Operator is the team leader, and has access to unlimited UAVs to help the team avoid incoming soldiers hunting for them. The Marksman is in charge of taking out units from a distance before they get too close to spot any members of the team. The Recon Scout (AT)'s role is to scout enemy vehicles and destroy them. NOTE: he does not get unlimited rockets. The Missile Specialist (AA)'s role is to defend the team against the enemy's search helicopter. He does get unlimited rockets. > The BLUFOR team. BLUFOR's Hunter acts as their arsenal and is used for transportation and rearming. > The BLUFOR units are equipped with HK MP5-PDWs and silenced M9. > ... apart from the Marksman, who is equipped with an MXM with a Nightstalker scope. OPFOR: OPFOR consists of up to 40 players and 7 squads. Squad 1 to 4 consist of 8 men each. Equipped with Katibas, Optic Reflex scopes and flashlights Team Leader, 6 Riflemen and 1 Combat Life Saver Squad 5 consists of 2 pilots, who's role is to fly the search helicopter Equipped with Sting 9mm with flashlights The helicopter is unarmed. Squad 6 is the mechanized infantry, and consists of 4 men. Equipped with Sting 9mm, ACO scopes and flashlights. One engineer, three crewmen 1x Vodnik with 2xRPKs Squad 7 is the mortar squad Equipped with dismantled tripods, Katiba Carbines with ACO scopes and flashlights. The team also has access to 2 unarmed UAZ, 4 Quad bikes, 2 Zamak transports, an ammo truck and a fuel truck. > This is what most of the OPFOR units look like. > The search helicopter > Vodnik > The vehicles OPFOR can use. Balance To balance a game mode where one team is this much larger than the other was definitely the hardest part, and it may be subject to change based on your feedback. Here are a few notes regarding balance: Vehicles do not respawn. It is extremely hard to spot the BLUFOR soldiers when they've found a good hiding spot. This is the reason I added a search helicopter to help ground units track them down. To counter it, I made one of the BLUFOR units an AA missile specialist. The missile specialist can only carry one missile at the time, so I made them infinite (as long as the Hunter is still alive). OPFOR gets a chopper – BLUFOR gets UAVs. BLUFOR gets a RHIB boat to allow for an alternative route onto the island where the side quest is located. To counter this, the OPFOR also gets RHIB boats to intercept them. OPFOR spends longer time getting out of base than BLUFOR. This gives BLUFOR the chance to quickly lay down a tactic before OPFOR are ready on the battlefield. To prevent BLUFOR from rushing the island, OPFOR has been given a Vodnik 2xRPK. Adding a Vodnik was the reason I made one of the BLUFOR units a Recon Scout (AT). All BLUFOR units originally had high powered weapons, and/or access to them in the Hunter. Now, only the marksman has a high powered rifle; the rest have MP5-PDWs. This gives OPFOR a greater chance at coming close to BLUFOR. To prevent BLUFOR from feeling safe on rooftops, an M252 mortar was added. The mortar team spawns with only the tripod; the tube itself is located further away. This is to prevent OPFOR from mortaring the BLUFOR spawn location at the start of the game. The mortar is not replenishable, so OPFOR must use it wisely. Can also be used to light up the battlefield. OPFOR currently has unlimited respawns. I may remove the ability in future version. Some teasers: > A typical scene in this game mode > Danger close > CSAT search helicopter patrolling the anti-air radar > BLUFOR using their RHIB _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking forward to see your feedback. Don't hesitate to let me know if something doesn't work properly when you play it. I also want feedback regarding balance issues. Thanks for reading my post! For those of you who choose to download and play the mission: I hope you enjoy it! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://ufile.io/01obm
  3. allnamesaretakendammit

    MP/PVP - Only one side is allowed to respawn

    Thanks for your help mrcurry, it works in terms of respawns! I can't get the mission to end however... This is my setup in the trigger: Condition: [lonewolf,lonewolf2] in thisList; OnAct: "end2" call BIS_fnc_endMission; I am fairly certain I'm making a mistake in the condition field. Can you help me point it out? I'm new to MP scripting. I've only done simple SP missions earlier. Would it work with a "all existing BLUFOR units in trigger" kind of script in case the second BLUFOR player doesn't join? P.S. Once it's done, you can certainly test it!
  4. Hello, I am working on a PVP scenario where only OPFOR is allowed to respawn. The synopsis of the scenario is that a team of 18 OPFOR soldiers with basic gear has to track down and kill two BLUFOR spec ops soldiers with advanced gear. Once the BLUFOR is killed, the mission is over for both sides. I've managed to set up everything correctly apart from the respawns. I've tested it out; BLUFOR has no respawn point, but instead just respawns on OPFOR's respawn point. How should I script it so that BLUFOR is refused to respawn? Keep in mind that both sides consist only of real players.
  5. allnamesaretakendammit

    MP scripting – BLUFOR wins, but OPFOR loses triggers

    Thanks for your help, Pierre! The mission is starting to come together now.
  6. allnamesaretakendammit

    MP scripting – BLUFOR wins, but OPFOR loses triggers

    So far I've made two triggers, one for the OPFOR win and one for the OPFOR loss. It looks like this: !alive lonewolf && alive vehicle1 ["opwinblulose",true] call BIS_fnc_endMission Now, this part is where it gets confusing. How exactly should I set this trigger up? All the inputs I have tried with the timeOut function returns nothing or gives me errors. This is my first MP mission by the way, and I rarely play MP to be honest. With the setup you provided, it would appear that once BLUFOR meets a win condition, OPFOR automatically meets the loss condition and vice versa, or am I way off here?
  7. Hello all, I am working on a multiplayer scenario I've called "Hide and Seek": Opfor has to find and kill the Blufor units within x minutes, while Blufor has to stay alive until then to win. If Opfor manages to kill Blufor, it's a win for them but a loss for Blufor. If Blufor manages to stay alive throughout the countdown, Blufor wins and Opfor loses. To avoid stalemates and extreme "camping" on Blufor's end, I've added a little side quest where Blufor shall be able to trigger a "mission complete" ending by blowing up a specific Opfor vehicle. This dhall, of course, trigger a "mission failed" for Opfor as well. I struggle to find a way to script/trigger this, as I can only achieve one mission ending at a time. Can anyone with more experience please help me script this properly? Thank you!